Truckers & Oil Are Keeping Canadian Society From Collapsing

You would think this would create a new appreciation for the importance of oil and how necessary it is for our society to function amid this crisis.

Much of Canada’s economy has collapsed.

Millions of Canadians are staying home to stop the Coronavirus from spreading, resulting in an unprecedented economic downturn that is wiping out entire sectors.

Amid this economic carnage, there are a few things keeping our society from full-blown collapse.

And chief among them are Truckers, Trucks, Oil, and Gas.

Our food and medical distribution networks remain largely intact, because of Truckers willing to continue working and hauling the essentials across our land.

Their trucks can only run because they have gas, which only exists because the oil industry continues to produce oil (even as prices crater to unimaginable lows).

Without truckers, without trucks, and without oil, our society would be in a full-blown nightmare scenario. Things that we seemed immune from – like starvation, roaming gangs of desperate people, and the stripping away of the thin veneer of civilization – would all come back with a vengeance if not for truckers, trucks, and oil.

So, when pathetic virtue-signalling fool politicians act as if the desperate times facing Canada’s oil industry is somehow a ‘good thing,’ the rest of us are reminded that the only thing keeping our society alive right now is Oil, and the Truckers driving the Trucks powered by that oil.

Spencer Fernando