If Trump Wants To Stop Shipping Masks To Canada, We Can Stop Shipping The Pulp To Make Them

Trump’s move is shortsighted, and will lead to far more problems if implemented.

US President Donald Trump has made a foolish and shortsighted move, calling on US manufacturer 3M to stop shipping N95 masks to Canada and other countries.

While the US is in the same boat as most countries (including Canada), having foolishly let their manufacturing sector be dismantled and shipped off to foreign countries, which has made them dependent heavily on foreign manufacturing for masks and desperate to hoard their own supply.

The problem of course is that much of the Pulp used to make N95 masks in the US comes from Canada, BC in particular.

So, if Trump wants to stop shipping masks to Canada, we can – and must – threaten to withhold the pulp and raw materials used to make those masks.

While the US is our closest ally, Canada must always look after our own interests first and foremost, and that means using whatever leverage we have to make sure mask shipments continue to flow into our country to ensure the best possible healthcare for the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube