Trump’s Mask Threat Shows Why Canada Needs More Self-Sufficiency & Domestic Manufacturing

We cannot rely on any other nation for the essentials, because in a crisis, nations will look after their own.

With US President Donald Trump trying to stop 3M from sending N95 masks to Canada – despite the fact that Canada manufactures much of the pulp used for those masks – Canada is receiving yet another reminder that we need stronger domestic manufacturing and self-sufficiency.

This is something I’ve been saying for a long-time.

Canada simply cannot rely on any foreign country – even our close ally the US – when it comes to essentials.

It is human nature that – in a crisis – a country looks after their own people first. In fact, that’s exactly how it should be.

With that in mind, it means Canada must be able to manufacture our own essential materials, and being reliant on supply chains in other countries is disastrous.

We have already seen this severely hurt Canada, with our dependence on China for the personal protective equipment needed by our healthcare workers. Even worse, the Trudeau government made a horrendous decision to ship thousands of masks to the Communist State, at a time when it was obvious Canada was going to need them.

In short, our country must become much more self-sufficient, we must become a ‘Fortress Canada’ that is no longer reliant on other nations for the things we need to survive.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube