As Canada’s Economy Disintegrates, Liberals Planning More Foreign Aid

How the hell can we afford to give money to foreign countries when we don’t have enough to buy the equipment we need here at home?

Amid the ongoing disintegration of the Canadian economy – and with many Canadian small businesses and the energy sector awaiting desperately needed support – the Liberal government is planning to increase foreign aid.

According to a recent report, “Canada’s latest deployment of international aid to fight the COVID-19 pandemic likely won’t be its last, International Development Minister Karina Gould said this week.

More money could be freed up for aid to various countries and international NGOs in the coming months to respond to the pandemic abroad, she told CBC News on Tuesday. She also said protective equipment — such as masks and gloves — could be sent overseas at some point, but not until the government is confident Canada has enough.”

Additionally, the government has already given away $159.5 million of our tax dollars to the UN and the WHO, despite the WHO having been totally discredited by their decision to push Chinese Propaganda, rather than give advice that would have stopped the spread of the deadly virus.

What makes this such a disgrace is that Canada’s economy and fiscal situation is imploding. We are desperately trying to buy up Personal Protective Equipment, give money to Canadians who have lost jobs and income, and save key sectors like the energy industry from collapse. How can we do all of that and still somehow claim we have money to send to foreign countries, and even worse, foreign institutions like the WHO that have failed miserably?

One lesson our country must grasp is that these foreign institutions cannot be trusted, and our efforts must be focused here at home on protecting our own people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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james isnor

I own a small business. I can t even begin to navigate the PMO’s financial support regulations. Its almost like they are making stuff up as they go. I am willing to bet one of the foreign countries on the list will get our money ( yes our money ) before most Canadian small businesses receive an application. Many wont last long enough to see a penny. Sounds almost premeditated.

David MacKAY

Seriously I think Trudeau’s deliberate shutting down of small businesses is to bankrupt Conservative funding sources. here are a lot of specialty soap stores across Canada in all major cities and towns. The Government tells you to wash as a preventative measure but orders the soap stores shut down? The shut down of so called non essential businesses goes upstream to shut down factories and end jobs. Killing the economy, to flatten the curve, which ends heard immunity, so you will need vaccines that you really dont need for this. All this took was a donation to the Trudeau foundation… Read more »

shawn harris

Trudeau, the forever tonedeaf and myopic fake prince of virtuousness, still considers the needs of the world as more important than then needs of Canadians. For Trudeau, as PM , his first priority is the health and safety of all Canadians, but that is just one of many intellectual puzzles that he will never understand or solve. This is just another example of poor judgement and decision making, like giving away 16 tonnes of valuable medical equipment to the Chinese , on a vague expectation that somehow it will returned to us later, instead of just allowing our medical professionals… Read more »

Don Piche

Trudeau is intent on bankrupting our Country to bring in The UN & the IMF to takeover any way he can… I can only assume that there won’t be an investigation into his malfeasance if these organizations are ultimately benefiting by it – meanwhile, Canadians and any future Gov’t are effectively sabotaged & left to pay the price!


My sister believes that the majority of people in Canada are wealthy and we should be giving to other countries. Even after sending her a Global News article dated 2017, that 50% of Canadians are 200.00 or less away from not being able to pay bills. I also said before this pandemic hit, it was probably more that 50%. She still doesn’t believe it. I don’t know what rock she’s living under, but she better start crawling out from under it.

alan skelhorne

this is who Trudeau works for, the un, and the who, they all agree, that china hasn,t done anything wrong.

Major Tom

It’s called……..Communism…….the re-distribution of wealth……..


We have to get these liberals out of parliament before we are completely screwed financially. Those of us out of work are already there!

Beverley Campbell

I wouldn’t mind so damned much if I thought for one minute that there was some accountability for the money handed out, there is NO reason for the top echelon NOT to divide it up amongst themselves because there is NO requirement to account for the dollars. Right at this particular time I would rather see the money put in a safe place for Canadian emergencies.
and to pay for our debt, which is enormous.

David MacKAY

Raises for himself and his lackeys while the nations put millions out of work, Increasing Taxes by 50% Business not being helped after being forced to face bankruptcy as Trudeau and Federal health officials arbitrarily deem them non non essential. Surgeries cancelled for non existent covid patients, hospitals mostly empty, re-creating the EI system making a lot of the promised assistance hard if not impossible to get. Releasing dangerous prisoners to make room for what? Spencer this doesn’t seem to be help. It all seems incrementally designed to provoke victimized Canadians that Trudeau has already victimized with his illogical economic… Read more »