Report: RCMP Believe Nova Scotia Murderer Did NOT Have Firearms License

Once again, criminals are the source of gun crime, not law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

It is now being reported by respected journalist Andrew Lawton that the Nova Scotia killer did NOT have a firearms license:

“BREAKING: Nova Scotia RCMP superintendent Chris Leather says about Nova Scotia gunman Gabriel Wortman “We have a fairly good idea, at least in Canada, that he did not have an FAC, a firearms acquisition certificate,” adds he’s not at liberty to say whether any handguns were used.”

“As a note, firearms licenses are now called PALs (possession and acquisition licenses), though they were formerly called FACs.”

So we see once again that gun crime is being caused by criminals.

Yet, the Liberal government is still pushing for more restrictions on law-abiding Canadian firearm owners, which will do nothing except take rights away from Canadians, while making it easier for criminals to have free reign to commit horrendous acts of violence.

The authorities have yet to say what type of gun was used in the killing spree.

Spencer Fernando

Photo –  YouTube