WATCH: Cowardly Liberal Foreign Minister Repeatedly REFUSES To Thank Taiwan For PPE Donation

Disgusting and pathetic cowardice from gutless Champagne.

The cowardice of the Liberal government continues.

After Taiwan made a huge donation of personal protective equipment – a big contrast to how China is making us pay for it – many people in Canada, including Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and top NDP government leaders in B.C. have thanked Taiwan for helping Canada in our time of need.

Yet, among those refusing to thank Taiwan is the Liberal government.

They simply can’t bring themselves to say ‘thank you,’ or even mention Taiwan at all.

In a recent question period conducted online, Conservative MP Ed Fast gave Liberal foreign minister Francois Philippe-Champagne repeated opportunities to thank Taiwan for their donation.

Champagne refused every time.

You can watch the disgraceful moment below:

Champagne’s move is a disgrace, and reveals him to be a total coward.

The more this goes on, the more it becomes clear that Canada is becoming a colony of Communist China:

“The weakness and cowardice of the Liberal government is resulting in Canada becoming more and more like a colony of the Chinese Communist Party. We are increasingly losing our country to a hostile, anti-democratic foreign power.”

Spencer Fernando

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