CPC LEADERSHIP POLL: Erin O’Toole Surging, Has Second-Ballot Lead

While Peter MacKay has a narrow first-ballot lead, O’Toole’s the top second ballot choice of Leslyn Lewis & Derek Sloan supporters.

A new Mainstreet Research poll shows Erin O’Toole surging in the CPC leadership race, cutting into Peter MacKay’s narrow lead, and gaining a second-ballot advantage.

On the first ballot, MacKay has the support of 39.6% of respondents. O’Toole is close behind with 34%. Leslyn Lewis has the support of 8.6% of respondents, while Derek Sloan is in last place with 5.2%. 12.6% say they are undecided.

However, since the Conservative leadership race is multi-ballot, second choice numbers are important.

And there, O’Toole has the support of 24.1%, ahead of MacKay who is at 18.4%. 13.1% name Lewis as their second choice, while 7.5% pick Sloan.

This gives O’Toole more room to grow than MacKay, and shows MacKay’s appeal may be more limited within the Conservative Party.

Recently, there has been growing evidence that O’Toole was gaining support, particularly with his tough stance against China – which may have more credibility due to O’Toole’s military service.

The race is certainly still close, but the momentum appears to be with O’Toole at this point, and his campaign appears well-positioned with the deadline for new memberships approaching.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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David Henley

Corruption in the Conservative party has taken its toll. No longer can be trusted to be conservative. Bernier was right when he left the party. This leadership race has shown just how bad this party has been corrupted and until it makes major changes the PPC is the only real choice to have a free Canada

Douglas Robilliard

Jim Karahalios, Derrick and Leslyn are all good contenders, toole and K are just liberals in disguise!


Jim Karahalios was the perfect candidate for the Conservative Party. He is a true Conservative, yet the Corrupt Backroom Conservatives made sure that he was eliminated from running. I guess that “Freedom of Speech” is not something that the Conservative Party believes in.


Erin O’Toole with Leslyn Lewis in a Senior position. Let her get some political experience facing Trudeau’s word salad.

Scott Chinsota

It doesn’t matter who wins. The “Conservative” Party has moved so far to the left in recent decades, that I will never support them again.


Peter McKay as the frontrunner doesn’t sound right.

tony ohara

Conservatives need to be brave and vote in Leslyn Lewis. The entire left spectrum are scared to death of her. She can decimate the liberal hold on the GTA and those are the votes we need to win. When new Canadians and non-white Canadians see that the CPC doesnt care what color you are, or that your family were immigrants, we will surge again. Erin and Mckay are last years flavors, Leslyn is sharp and steady and most important the minute you hear her speak you know you can trust her. Thats the combo we need.

Beverley Campbell

If anyone were to ask my opinion of this CPC Leadership race, I would ask if they just want their contestant to win or do they want the PC’s to be in a position to actually contend in the next Federal Election. My answer is as follows, as recently as two months ago, my heartfelt support would have absolutely gone to Peter MacKay, I have now changed my mind and registered to vote in the upcoming selection process, I believe that Peter MacKay has both the brains and the ability to lead this country BUT at this particular point in… Read more »