SURVEY: Immense Majority Of Canadians Want Huawei Banned

Huawei was already extremely unpopular. Now, their numbers have plummeted further.

A new Angus Reid Institute survey shows a huge majority of Canadians want CCP-controlled Huawei to be banned from Canada’s 5G networks.

78% want Huawei banned, compared to a minuscule 14% who want it allowed.

9% are undecided.

Huawei was already very unpopular, with a November 2019 poll showing 69% wanted Huawei banned.

And now, with opinions of China plummeting in Canada and around the world, more and more Canadians are turning against the dangerous CCP-controlled company.

The Canadian government has only one choice: They must ban Huawei.

If they refuse to take that step, and if they refuse to listen to the overwhelming will of the Canadian People, we can only assume they’ve been fully bought off and corrupted by the CCP.

You can read more about the Angus Reid poll here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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