REPORT: Canadian Government Hasn’t Recovered Downed RCAF Helicopter, Requires US Navy Help To Retrieve It

Another example of our underfunded armed forces.

The Canadian government still hasn’t recovered the crashed RCAF helicopter that went down on the Greek coast.

Six Canadian Armed Forces members lost their lives in the crash.

The remains of two fallen Armed Forces members have been recovered, while the remains of four others, along with the helicopter itself, are still uncovered.

It is believed that the helicopter is 3,000 metres under the surface.

Canada apparently lacks the ability to make a recovery of that kind, and our country has thus had to ask the U.S. Navy for help to recover it.

While it’s fine to ask for help from our allies, it makes it more surprising that our government continues to underfund our military, cutting our ability to make strong contributions to our NATO alliance, and leaving us dependent on others for recovering our fallen heroes.

Spencer Fernando