The WHO Followed China. The Liberals Followed The WHO. China Lied. Do The Liberals Realize What This Means?

Apparently not. Either that, or they’re too afraid to acknowledge it.

The stunningly ignorant comments by Liberal minister Karina Gould are being widely slammed.

Gould claimed it’s ‘not the place’ for the World Health Organization to question China, ignoring all of China’s lies and deceptions:

“.@VassyKapelosasks @karinagould if the WHO should have been more skeptical of COVID-19 data from China.

“I’m not sure that that’s the place for the WHO because the WHO is a product of its member states and I think that each member state can push for openness,” said Gould.”

Now, the big issue here is that the WHO was clearly corrupted from the beginning, meaning those who followed the WHO made a huge mistake.

The WHO followed China.

The Liberals followed the WHO.

China lied.

This means Canada’s CCP Coronavirus response was based on lies.

And we’ve seen the consequences of that.

Countries like Taiwan, New Zealand, and Australia all decided to ignore much of what the WHO said.

While the WHO & China were downplaying the virus and advising against border closures, those countries shut their borders and instituted very strong screening at airports.

As a result, while Canada still has parts of our country where the virus is spreading, it is under control in Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.

In fact, the more a country ignored the WHO, the better they did in dealing with the CCP Virus.

As Dr. David Jacobs noted on Twitter, this may all be because the Liberals followed the WHO so closely, and are now afraid to draw attention to their failure:

“The Trudeau government continues to defend the WHO because they blindly followed their recommendations.

An indictment of the @WHO is an indictment of Trudeau’s response to #COVID19.”

Canadians have made it clear that they oppose China, and that we don’t trust China.

By refusing to get on side with Canadians, and continuing to carry water for both the corrupted WHO and China, the Liberals continue to raise very disturbing questions and are continuing to destroy trust.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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