Trudeau Signals Support For Key NDP Demand In Return For Limiting House Of Commons Sittings

NDP had pushed for more paid sick leave, and Trudeau says he’ll push the provinces on that issue.

The effort by the Conservatives to keep the House of Commons sitting and voting over the summer appears to have been stymied.

The NDP had expressed a willingness to support the Liberals in reducing House of Commons sittings and votes in the summer, but only if there was an effort to expand paid sick leave.

As is often the case, the NDP appeared to be confusing a provincial issue with a federal issue, as paid sick leave is handled by the provinces.

Despite that confusion, Trudeau has said he will ‘push’ the provinces to expand paid sick leave, seeking to give workers 10 days of sick paid leave amid the current CCP Virus crisis:

“PM Trudeau says federal govt will continue discussions w/ provinces aimed at giving workers access to 10 days/year of paid sick leave.

PM says he’s spoken w/ NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, who’s seeking sick-leave commitment as part of negotiations re House sittings”

This could meet the NDP’s demand, and reduce the number of sittings and votes in Parliament, bringing the Liberals closer to their goal of governing the country basically by decree while shutting out most of Canada’s elected representatives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Bribery from someone who does NOT want to work and be asked Hard Questions in a Parliamentary sitting! If the NDP go along with this, they are just as Lazy and as Corrupt as the Libtards!


So we now have the Canadian Communist State. A PM who restricts “WHO” in the media that can attend his morning oracles from on high and the media who do attend acting as his stenos. Now we have a emasculated parliament that will not be able to hold him to account. God help our once great nation!