Canada Should Prepare To Offer Asylum To Hong Kong Freedom Fighters

The best case scenario is that the free world dissuades China from decimating Hong Kong’s democracy. But China goes forward with their destruction of what makes Hong Kong unique, the free world – including Canada – should welcome true asylum seekers from Hong Kong to join the Canadian family.

With China engaged in a clear effort to destroy Hong Kong’s democracy and thus put Hong Kong’s freedom-loving People under the boot of the brutal Chinese Communist Party, the world may soon face a situation in which millions of People attempt to flee Hong Kong to escape the CCP regime.

For years, Canada has been welcoming ‘asylum seekers’ from the United States, who – of course – were not actually ‘asylum seekers.’

Simply put, someone fleeing a democratic nation like the USA where the rule of law exists is not an asylum seeker.

That should have been stopped years ago, because every time a non-asylum seeker illegally enters our country it takes a spot away from a genuine asylum seeker.

And the people of Hong Kong could be the most genuine asylum seekers the world has seen in a long-time.

Facing a brutal totalitarian state that puts the population under total surveillance, executes people without any semblance of a legal process, disappears people, kidnaps journalists and activists, and seeks to stamp out freedom, the people of Hong Kong have shown incredible bravery in standing up for democracy and liberty.

Indeed, as our own pathetic Liberal government acted like a disgusting coward towards China, the People of Hong Kong braved immense danger, and continue to brave that danger.

The reality is that the freedom fighters of Hong Kong have shown a stronger allegiance to Canadian Values than our own government has.

Of course, we cannot accept everyone, nor should we, since the needs of Canadian Citizens must come first.

That said, we can welcome many thousands of refugees from Hong Kong, as their commitment to freedom and the values we share in common will strengthen Canada and send a clear message that we are a haven for those fleeing the brutal oppression of the Chinese Communist Party.

And this can be done even while lowering Canada’s overall immigration levels, since we can prioritize Hong Kong freedom fighters for entrance to Canada while reducing entrance from other areas.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube