VIDEO: Radicals Looting In Montreal

This isn’t a protest, it’s a crime.

In what can only be described as a disgraceful move to take advantage of a ‘window of opportunity,’ some radicals are looting in Montreal under the cover of ‘protesting’ events in the United States.

Clearly, this isn’t a protest. It’s a crime.

You can watch it below:

“Protestors have moved along Saint Catherine and are starting to loot. Many walking away with guitars from Steve’s Music Store.”

There are also escalating riots:

This is a disgrace.

Clearly these radical looters were waiting for any chance to get away with committing crimes and violating private property.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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This is what we can expect if Trudeau and Blair confiscate our firearms. Masked and armed Liberal criminal gangs terrorizing Canadians on behalf of the Liberals and NDP, leaving Canadian with no way to protect our property.

Oh, wait, in Canada, we are not allowed to protect our own property. Numerous cases in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec of farm and homeowners being forced to protect their property and families and being charged by the police.

steve p

Del – I wouldn’t think Cdn citizens being allowed legally to shoot looters and rioters would be a good thing, that should be the job of the police. I do believe, however, that these rioters have been fed a steady diet of rhetoric from Justin and his cronies in which he has been pushing a narrative that Canadians (white) are all intolerant or racist, and we are not that different from the USA. Now we see that we are importing US problems into a country that was peaceful before the Liberals and their globalist intentions.

the Commodore

Absolutely – these people need to be arrested – charged and locked up – no suspended sentence – no community work – sit in the slammer for 30 days – automatic and the really sad part is – if the owner of the store was there he could do nothing without being charged with something – we need to be able to protect our homes – families – business’s etc. If I am a business owner or being confronted in my own home and I tell the person that I am armed and if he doesn’t stop I will shoot… Read more »

Donald O'Kane

These are not protesters, they are terrorists and should be arrested and charged with terrorist charges. To add insult to injury, charge them with social distancing charges. The funders of these terrorists should be charged as well, every single one of them no matter who they are or how rich they are. Then revoke all their citizenships!!