BREAKING: Trudeau Humiliated As Liberals LOSE Bid For UN Seat

Trudeau wasted our tax dollars and threw our values under the bus. He still lost. A pathetic disgrace.

The Trudeau Liberals have lost their bid for a UN Security Council Seat.

Canada won 108 votes, far behind Norway at 128 and Ireland at 130.

It’s a humiliation for Trudeau, who wasted hundreds of millions of our tax dollars in attempts to bribe foreign countries, and still lost big.

Either way, the Canadian People lose, as not a single dime should have been spent on the worthless seat.

Once again, Trudeau reveals himself to be a weak and incompetent disgrace to our country, who sells us out for foreign attention while failing to even that.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Watch him blame Harper.

Ron Stephens

HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trudeausky…….. you are an idiot at home and also on the world stage


Great Day for Canada.


Ha HA Ha HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

A rare, sparkling gem of Good News in a raging sea of manure.

You made my day, Spencer. Thanks heaps.

But I do not see that money as wasted. I see it as every penny well-spent to buy him a well-deserved loss and humiliation.

richard taylor

TRUdum spent our tax dollars and wasted every to find out even the ones he bribed don’t want Canada’s clown and we pay this clown $374,000.00 a year to embarrass ,so I guess we are the fools.

Ted Tilden

How much did you pay Harper?


Hey Socks, no surprise here. The world doesn’t want a Soros puppet on the Security Council.


He must be crying now. Haha?

shawn harris

For more than two years now, Trudeau has embarrassed Canada and Canadians, showing just how much he was wiling to betray our country, undermine our democracy and sellout our allies, all to massage his massive ego. Finally Trudeau has gotten the boot up his backside that he so desperately craved and deserved. And for what a seat on the UN Security Council, that most countries could care less about and at a cost that enrages most Canadians these days. Considering the dire financial straights most of find ourselves in.

John Cairns

Trudeau…Once a Fool, Always a Fool!
This “Bird” has to go.

Mike Williams

This bird just tooo close to the sun. Oops.


He has chance to win Majority. You know why,
?? He gives money to all voters for COVID. This is his plan.


I’m sure the idiot will blame the Canadian people for him losing the seat. Money can’t buy everything and we’ve have lost soooooo much to the UN which we don’t want anyways. He is such a disgrace now what’s he going to do next force an early election?

Brian Dougan

Turdo’s spin doctors have their work cut out for them on this one.

Django Foo

Maybe they don’t like Celine Dion?


A few years back China in what was lost in translatios was said by Trudeaus MSM to have referred to Trudeau in an endearing term as “Little Potato”. Actually it wasn’t a term of endearment the name was more akin to “Little Vegetable” is appears the worthy Chinese appellation sticks.

Gerri Page

All the people who voted for Trudeau should hang their heads in shame and disgrace. Canada will never be the same again because of an airhead, unintelligent and a fool for a PM.


Well, it seems the rest of the world is becoming aware of our hypocritical, brainless PM.


Prayers answered

James Klassen

But but Harper..

Mark Gallicano

there really is a God


Damn wast of OUR money, but it made my day!!!

jim jarrett

Trudeau will blame it on Canada’s “systemic racism” and that “we must do better”.

Major Tom

His wages should be garnisheed to pay all that back……..

Brian Rushfeldt

I suspect he went back into the cottage to smoke it up to make his ego feel better. Will he dance out tomorrow to face media ?? Cannot believe he sends a Minister out to answer.

Fred Leard

Glad to hear it. He won’t be able to humiliate in that arena like he has in every other one to date.


It could not have happened to a better man.

Richard Courtemanche

You cost us a lot of money, you idiot! And, only for your self-interest, not the country.