NO DEAL, NO TRADE: Canada Must NOT Reward Communist China’s Hostage Diplomacy

Imagine how dangerous things will get if countries realize they can get their way by kidnapping Canadians.

There is a growing effort by some of the elitist political and media class to pressure the Canadian government to intervene in the extradition of Meng Wanzhou in order to facilitate a ‘trade’ to get Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor back from China.

Former Liberal minister Allan Rock is pushing for a prisoner swap, something which Andrew Coyne slammed:

So far, Justin Trudeau – in a very rare instance of common sense – has ruled out a prisoner swap, giving a flat ‘No’ when asked about it.

Unfortunately, the pressure for such a swap continues to grow, with the families of our detained Citizens pushing for the government to (do more), AKA interfere in the extradition case to make a trade.

Of course, it is completely understandable that the families would say that. Their number one focus is – as it should be – getting their loved ones back.

Unfortunately, that can’t be the only focus of the Canadian Federal Government.

Instead, the government must be focused on the safety of all Canadians, and the overall best interests of our nation.

If the government made a trade, the impact would be devastating.

First, it would destroy any remaining confidence in the independence of our judicial system, further eroding the already immense distrust Canadians have following the SNC-Lavalin case.

Second, it would decimate our relationship with the United States, as we would be choosing to do China’s bidding over fulfilling an extradition treaty with our ally.

Third, it would create a precedent for China and other brutal regimes, showing them that Canada can be easily bullied and coerced, leading to more Canadians being kidnapped throughout the world.

Fourth, it might not even work. It’s entirely possible that China – having absolutely no reason to respect or fear Canada – would get Meng back, and then keep Kovrig and Spavor in custody anyway. After all, China is clearly using Canada to humiliate and threaten other Western nations, viewing us as the weakest target. What better way to top off that humiliation by getting Meng back and then refusing to give back Kovrig & Spavor.

In short, those (aside from the family members who have a good reason) calling for a trade or swap, are incredibly wrong, and advocating for something that would severely hurt Canada and imperil the Canadian People.

We must NOT reward China’s hostage diplomacy.

We must stand strong, and make it clear that Canada will not be bullied.

In fact, we should be taking further actions to show our determination, including warning all Canadians to leave China ASAP, sanctioning Chinese officials who have violated the laws, and reducing our financial reliance on foreign students from China.

In the face of China’s continued threats, Canada must show strength.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube