Erin O’Toole Slams Letter By 19 Gutless Fools Pushing For Interference In Meng Case

The letter has been widely condemned.

Erin O’Toole – who has centred a large part of his leadership campaign around getting tough – is making his opinion known on the letter calling for Meng Wanzhou to be released.

On Twitter, O’Toole called the letter “incredibly naive.”

“This is incredibly naive. Canada cannot allow our principled approach to justice and the rule of law to be compromised by Communist Chinese influence.”

So far, O’Toole is the only CPC leadership candidate who has addressed the letter, though Leslyn Lewis issued a strong statement yesterday calling for a much tougher approach to how Canada deals with China.

Additionally, as we learned yesterday, one of the signatories to the coward letter is Lawrence Cannon, a former Conservative foreign affairs minister who has endorsed Peter MacKay. You can read about that below:

Former Cabinet Minister Who Signed Letter Calling On Canada To Release Meng Wanzhou Is A Member Of #TeamMacKay

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter