Former Cabinet Minister Who Signed Letter Calling On Canada To Release Meng Wanzhou Is A Member Of #TeamMacKay

Lawrence Cannon is one of 19 people who signed a widely-condemned letter pushing for Canada to do what China wants and release Meng Wanzhou. In May, he endorsed Peter MacKay for Conservative Leader, and the MacKay campaign proudly touted his endorsement.

The Peter MacKay campaign could soon be facing some tough questions from Conservative supporters.

And I’m not talking about the allegations of campaign info theft that have been made by the Erin O’Toole campaign.

No, the issue here is the recent despicable letter by 19 former Canadian officials calling on Justin Trudeau to surrender to China by interfering in the ongoing judicial case involving Meng Wanzhou.

They want Trudeau to interfere and release Meng Wanzhou.

You may be thinking, “that’s exactly what Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have been calling for.”

And you would be 100% correct.

They are pushing the Chinese Communist Party line.

Disturbingly, one of the signatories to the letter is former Conservative MP & former foreign affairs minister Lawrence Cannon.

On May 4th, Cannon endorsed Peter MacKay.

Of course, the endorsement was before Cannon signed the letter, and there is no evidence that MacKay is on board with the contents of the letter in anyway.

However, MacKay should certainly face pressure to denounce the letter and denounce Cannon for signing it, and should reject Cannon’s endorsement decisively.

If the MacKay campaign won, and then Cannon plays a big role in the party under MacKay, how could Canadians trust our policy towards China?

Also, why did Cannon feel comfortable signing the letter, when it is known that he is party of #TeamMacKay?

Cannon has openly called for Canada to surrender to China’s demands, effectively rewarding China’s hostage diplomacy.

That would put Canadians all around the world at risk, as we would send a message to the entire world that taking Canadians hostage gives foreign regimes exactly what they want.

If MacKay doesn’t distance himself from Cannon, he will lose more support among Conservatives, and it could be a stinking albatross around his neck.

Spencer Fernando

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Just goes to show that loser’s stick together and choose new loser’s !

Sharon Warren

I don’t care whether McKay distances himself from Cannon or if Cannon retracts his support of the plan to trade detainees. I am in no way confident in MacKay’s ability to lead Canada. I support Dr Leslyn Lewis wholeheartedly & believe she will come up with a plan to ‘deal’ with China & the hostage debacle/

Antoinette Ritacco

Thank you Spencer for letting us know. We always knew that Peter MacKay had the endorsement of people like Cannon on his Team. Now it has been confirmed. ONLY Corruption on #Team Mackay!


This is a black mark against the Conservatives. Truly, a disturbing moment in Canadian politics as the liberals, NDP, and Green Party have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and not capable of running our country, and now we have this. It appears as though we can count the number of honest, forthright politicians in this country on one hand. What a terrible situation for all Canadians.

Gary Pawson

With regards to this Cannon ? I do believe it’s time for all the old REFORM guy’s to get away from those RED TORIES!!! It was a stupid idea from the start anyway. REFORM should have turned into a Western BLOC & started playing Quebec’s con game. The west would be better off on it’s own anyway, just to get rid of all that BS which stream’s out of Ottawa as well as the Quebecgeld payment’s we’ve been saddled with for far, far too long!