Antisemitism Remains The Most Prevalent Hate Crime In Canada

But you wouldn’t know that from watching the biased establishment media.

There was a time when the media at least pretended to be focused on facts.

But now, that era is long gone.

Instead, the media is obsessed with pushing certain narratives, and they ignore whatever goes against the narrative.

For example, amid the coverage of recent BLM protests and riots, many people are surprised when they discover that hate crimes against Jewish People are still the most prevalent of all hate crimes.

According to Stats Canada, there were 347 hate crimes against Jewish People in 2018, making 19% of all hate crimes in the country. That was the highest proportion of all hate crimes.

Additionally, Jewish People are the most disproportionately targeted, as hate crimes against Jewish People represent nearly a fifth of all hate crimes, despite Jewish People making up around 1% of Canada’s population.

Of course, the media rarely mentions this, because it doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative they are trying to push. Instead, the media only seems to focus on hate crimes against certain groups, and only seems to recognize racism as emanating from one group, rather than realizing that people of all races and all backgrounds can be racist.

Increasingly, we see that when the facts contradict the media narrative, the media simply ignores the facts.

And the double-standard continues to get worse, both in Canada and around the world. For example, New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees was ripped to shreds by BLM and others online for saying people should stand up for the flag, yet those same groups have been almost totally silent on Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson, who literally shared an antisemitic quote he thought was from Adolph Hitler.

That’s the insane point we’ve now arrived at due to the media downplaying antisemitism and pushing false narratives: It is seen as more acceptable for an athlete to quote a genocidal leader than it is for someone to praise the flag of a free, democratic nation.

Also, there are many antisemitic rallies and events, under the pretext of ‘opposing Israel,’ where slogans calling for the destruction of the world’s only Jewish State are chanted over and over again, yet the media somehow ignores it completely.

In the face of this insanity, regular common-sense people must continue to stand up for the truth, stand up for facts, and fight against the lies of the media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube