REPORT: WE Covered $41,000 In Vacation Costs For Morneau

And he only repaid the money today, just as he was set to testify! What a totally random coincidence!

It just keeps on getting worse!

Today, we learned that – contrary to Trudeau’s claims – the massive government contract was given to the WE Foundation – a real estate holding company – rather than the WE Charity.

And just recently, Finance Minister Bill Morneau revealed that the WE Charity covered $41,000 in costs for one of his vacations.

And guess what?

He only repaid the money today – the same day he was set to testify in front of the finance committee.

Oh, and his family has given WE $100,000 in donations.

Hilariously, Morneau is claiming he always planned to pay the money back. Guess it slipped his mind and only happened today:

“The Finance Minister says he “always intended to repay these travel costs”… Face with rolling eyes Not sure what your family vacations were like, my family’s was a camping trip in Algonquin park. Canadians can’t relate. This is so out of touch. #Cdnpoli”

“Morneau reimbursed $41,000 in expenses to WE….. TODAY!!! For benefits received last summer.

Just got around to it… the day he was summoned to testify about it.”

“Recap: Morneau/Trudeau gave $912m contribution to the real-estate holding-arm of a group that had paid Trudeau’s family $300k and gave Morneau’s daughter a job and his family $41k in illegal travel expenses. That’s just what we know so far.”

As Pierre Poilievre said, this is “Breaking: The Law.”

You can watch Morneau’s disastrous testimony below:

This scandal is now consuming the entire Liberal government, and we are seeing how massively they have corrupted the entire system.

If there is not accountability and clear punishments, then no Canadians can have any faith that the system works for us. Instead, it is clearly only in place to serve the corrupt elites while robbing us of our tax dollars.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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From the article :
“Hilariously, Morneau is claiming he always planned to pay the money back. Guess it slipped his mind and only happened today…” Sure,I bet he did…NOT….
Reminds me of that French chalet of his that he ‘forgot’ to mention in his tax return a few years back…..
Corruption runs rampant in this disgusting Liberal government…

Garlet Farlett

Yet, people in Toronto and Montreal and Vancouver will still be saying “it’s a nothingburger” and waiting for their next CERB deposit.

Guy-Paul Roy

NOT even the Half of it.

Ron Shaw

I don’t accept or believe old lieing Bills apology , or the explanation “I forgot” . This is the finance minister who told small business men like myself , we were all dishonest and do not pay our fair share of taxs . As finance minister of Canada I don’t believe a word he says and only have contempt for his dishonesty and theft of public finances , the very finances he is directly responsible for . My advice to you , lieing Bill is resign now before we find out just how irresponsible and how deep the mistrust of… Read more »


Now he says he paid it back but only because he got caught.

Beverley Campbell

Hello out there, any ordinary elected Liberals listening? You are on a sinking ship and if you do not head for the life boats you will be tarred with the same brush as your weak, ineffectual, greedy, poseur of a so called leader.