General Jonathan Vance To Retire

Vance was criticized by many Canadians for his perceived role in how Vice Admiral Mark Norman was treated.

General Jonathan Vance is retiring.

He made the announcement on Twitter, earlier today:

““You, the members of the #CAF, have been the inspiration for my life and I have given you my all. Until I relinquish command I will continue to serve you and Canadians with the same energy and effort I always have. Pro Patria” JV”

Jonathan Vance

Vance had faced criticism from many Canadians, after claiming responsibility for the removal of Vice Admiral Mark Norman, and then refusing to give Norman his old job back when he was fully cleared.

Many saw Vance as both covering for Trudeau, and treating Norman unfairly, by refusing to push back against how the Trudeau government executed a disgraceful politically-motivated attack on Admiral Norman.

Interestingly, there are also reports that the Liberal government refused to put Vance’s name forward as top NATO Commander, which could have contributed to his decision to leave.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube