WATCH: Poilievre Grills Trudeau As PM Desperately Dodges On WE Paying Family Expenses

“Nobody believes you!”

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre grilled Justin Trudeau during the testimony before the House Finance Committee.

Trudeau repeatedly claimed that he doesn’t know how much WE paid his family and how many expenses for his family WE covered, which is laughable considering that Trudeau has had months to come up with that information.

“Pierre Poilievre to Justin Trudeau: NOBODY BELIEVES YOU.

[continues grilling the PM over total expenses paid to Trudeau’s family from WE]

Liberal MPs then seek to shut down questioning because the Chair’s power has gone out.”

Amazingly, just as the grilling was heating up, Liberal MPs tried to stop the questioning because committee chair Wayne Easter’s power supposedly went out.

Of course, that meant that the vice chair of the meeting took over.

And who is the vice chair?

Pierre Poilievre:

Clearly, we can see that Trudeau was either totally unprepared, or was so arrogant that the doesn’t even care to inform himself, and thinks he is above it all.

Most likely, it’s a combination of both.

Spencer Fernando

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