Canada Needs To Bring Back The Death Penalty

Our justice system has become shockingly weak when it comes to the most brutal and vicious crimes. It’s time for a big change in the other direction.

There is an increasingly disturbing move to both ‘defund the police,’ and ‘abolish prisons.’

This is an outgrowth of what the left has been pushing for a long-time: The idea that prisons and the justice system exist only to ‘rehabilitate’ prisoners and return them to society.

However, this misses the traditional, and most important point of having police, having a justice system, and having prisons:

To keep dangerous people away from law-abiding citizens.

That’s it really.

Rehabilitation may be nice, but it’s not always possible. And when rehabilitation fails, regular law-abiding people are the victims.

Prisons aren’t meant to ‘fix people,’ they are meant to protect everyone outside of prison from those inside prison.

Simply put, if a brutal killer is in jail, they aren’t in our streets and communities, thus keeping us safe.

However, this common-sense, traditional approach is increasingly undermined, with the left pushing the system more and more towards so-called ‘compassion,’ which really means compassion for criminals and ruthlessness towards victims.

That’s why it’s time for the pendulum to swing in the total opposite direction.

It’s time for Conservatives to push for the return of the death penalty.

For too long, the left has dominated the discussion when it comes to crime, the justice system, and prisons. And we are seeing the consequences.

Crime is starting to rise again, vicious criminals get a slap on the wrist for event the most heinous crimes, and good, law-abiding people are repeatedly victimized because the system allows horrible criminals to get out of jail quickly, or even avoid jail, unleashing them among the rest of us.

Pushing for the return of the death penalty resets the conversation, and makes clear how big the stakes are.

And it has widespread support.

Canada Death Penalty Poll

A Research Co. poll from March 2020, shows that 51% of Canadians support the death penalty for murder convictions.

This is something Canadians want to see brought back.

Most Canadians have a traditionalist view of crime and the justice system: Prisons are to protect law-abiding people from criminals, and heinous crimes should have severe punishments.

As the supposedly ‘conservative’ party, the Conservatives need to get on side with public opinion, get tougher on crime, and push to bring back the death penalty.

Our country needs our justice system to stop protecting criminals, and start protecting the rest of us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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