#WheresTheMoneyCatherine Is Trending

Canadians want answers on why 20,000 infrastructure projects funded with our tax dollars can’t be shown to even exist.

In the wake of news reports about someone yelling at Catherine McKenna’s office, Canadians are bringing attention to serious problem with the spending of our tax dollars.

In early June, Blacklock’s Reporter had a story about how a whopping 20,000 infrastructure projects subsidized with federal tax dollars have no evidence to prove they are even real:

“Parliament’s Budget Office can find no evidence of 20,000 projects subsidized with billions in federal tax dollars. Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna’s department would not document where funds were spent, the Commons government operations committee was told: “I don’t have proof that they exist.””

This has led to people demanding answers from the government, and particularly from Catherine McKenna, considering she is in charge of the department.

As a result, #WheresTheMoneyCatherine is trending.

The government is supposed to work for us, and serve us.

Like all officials, McKenna is supposed to serve the Canadian People, not rule over us.

And that means Canadians are supposed to get transparency and accountability.

When our tax dollars are spent, we need to know where that money is spent.

McKenna owes it to the Canadian People to explain where our money went.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The media is being co-opted by the radical left, and paid off by the Liberals. Without Independent voices like Spencer Fernando, the truth will be silenced. If you want to support Spencer’s Independent perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:
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Somebody should take her out drinking again, then she will tell us about saying the same lies louder repeatedly will make Canadian taxpayers believe in the 20,000 projects? Make sure someone is recording this all again though.

Garlet Farlett

This has to be the most inept, corrupt government Canada has ever seen.


THEY WHY ARE THEY STILL IN POWER??????????????????????

Brian Dougan

It’s time for all of us to “reflect,” and um; um; trust that the money has been well spent. It’s all part of the um; um “extreme makeover.”

Douglas Robilliard

What is more important for a Question where’s the Money associated for the projects??? some 20 plus Billion! poof gone!


Through all this the numbers don’t add up, I mean all the money 350 Billion and counting. If the cerb is using say 1B and various bailout etc using more B’s where’s the rest of the money, say 250B to be kind. I suspect a lot of it is being off shored by all the liberals and their hangers on, you know, for future use. Like say if the public ever wakes up and gets angry, they might need to quickly leave Canada for their foreign destinations and islands, so they have to have a lot of scratch to keep… Read more »