“Money. Meh. No Problem ;)”: Documents Show Trudeau Government Officials Admitting “Loosey Goosey Logic” For Massive WE Program

The arrogance is matched only by the seeming disregard for our tax dollars.

Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre continues to do great work in revealing the reality behind the BS spin the Liberals are trying to push on the WE Scandal.

Poilievre has been sifting through newly released government documents (the ones the Trudeau Liberals didn’t completely black out), and has found a few gems.

Here’s one, where a finance department official admits “loosey goosey logic.”

“Finance Official says government used “loosely goosey logic” for $900m student grant.”

In another, a Trudeau government official says “Money. Meh. No Problem ;)”:

“Finance Official on learning the cost of the WE grant:

“Money. Meh. No problem ;)”

As I’ve said many times before, the Trudeau government has contempt for us regular Canadians.

They feel entitled to our money.

They think they have the right to waste the money that we worked for and earned through our effort.

They see us as a joke.

It’s the attitude of rulers, not of servants, and with Trudeau’s arrogance continuing to grow, the contempt keeps on getting even worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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