BIAS: State Broadcaster CBC Has Given Kamala Harris Nearly Four Times As Much Coverage As Leslyn Lewis

Why are we paying for a ‘Canadian’ network that covers America far more?

In recent days, I’ve noticed many people talking about how it seems CBC is giving way more coverage to Joe Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris than they are to Canadian Conservative leadership contender Dr. Leslyn Lewis.

So, I took a quick look at the entries on CBC to see if there was a big difference.

There was.

Huge in fact.

Searching on shows 239 results for Leslyn Lewis in the news section.

The same search for Kamala Harris yields 847 results.

Now, some would argue that Kamala Harris has been a US senator for a few years, so there would be more entries. However, that would only make sense if CBC was an American news website.

For example, searching for the other US senator in California, Dianne Feinstein, yields just 113 results.

This means the majority of Kamala Harris’ CBC coverage has come in the narrow window when she ran for the Democratic nomination, and then was picked by Biden to be his running mate.

In that same general time period, Dr. Leslyn Lewis has been running for the Conservative leadership race. Additionally, Lewis had run for MP in previous elections.

What this proves is that CBC has indeed been giving far more coverage to American politician Kamala Harris than they have to Canadian politician Leslyn Lewis.

Making this even worse is that much of the CBC coverage of Harris has centred around her ‘historic’ spot as Biden’t VP pick, while ignoring Leslyn Lewis making history with her run for the Conservatives.

In fact, as pointed out by @Lumberist on Twitter, the results are even worse if you include all stories, not just the news section. That shows CBC with 1467 entries on Kamala Harris, compared to 262 for Leslyn Lewis:

In short, CBC forces us to give them our tax dollars, claims to be a ‘Canadian’ network, and then uses our money to cover American politicians while giving far less coverage to prominent Conservative Canadian politicians.

It’s yet another reason why CBC – which has morphed from a public broadcaster into a Liberal-controlled State Broadcaster – needs to be defunded.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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