Hypocrite Liberals Who Support Racist Use Of Blackface Try Attacking Patriotic Canadians As ‘Racists’

Who buys into this garbage anymore?

The Liberals are going crazy, trying to attack Erin O’Toole for the slogan “Take Back Canada,” as well as focusing endlessly on abortion – with a huge assist from their CORRUPT media allies.

That $600 MILLION CORRUPT MEDIA bailout is paying off for the Liberals:

“The establishment media is – within a day of O’Toole winning – already pushing Trudeau’s talking points in an effort to demonize O’Toole. That CORRUPT $600 MILLION BAILOUT is sure getting the Liberals what they wanted. Only Independent Media like me & many others can fight back!”


The hypocrisy of the Liberals continues to reach unprecedented heights:

Now, the Liberals are going after O’Toole by trying to get him to remove Derek Sloan:

“Leaders must show anybody with bigoted views should not be allowed in their party.”

Bigoted views huh?

How about people who wear blackface?

How about people who support leaders who wore blackface?

The fact that the Liberals can’t see the hypocrisy here would be funny, if not for the fact that they are purposely trying to tear the country apart to stay in power.

By attacking O’Toole, the Liberals are attacking his supporters, and attacking all Patriotic Canadians. Meanwhile, the Liberals keep propping up a ‘leader’ who has actually done extremely racist things.

And any establishment media institutions who push these Liberal talking points without exposing the hypocrisy are themselves corrupt and can never be trusted.

Only Independent Media like myself, True North, The Post Millennial, The Rebel, and some others can be trusted to fight back against these corrupt lies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Again trying to control what can and cannot be said, cannot have a personal moral belief? Canada used to be a democracy, where anything should at least be discussed and debated openly. Now the liberals or the whole left with their cancel culture, chaos and anarchy,SJW antifa no borders, no colonial white Canadians etc. wants to decide what you can say or do or even think for yourself, because they will decide what, and it will not be talked about by us, just give up your rights, and history and fair law and order, especially when you run out of… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Disgusting. This has become nothing but sport for the Libranos/MSM. Say the “magic words” and watch the opposition cower in fear. If O’Toole has half the media savvy that Trump displays; we’ll be off to a good start.

Guy-Paul Roy

CBC Toronto commentator told Vassy that is he was surprised a BLACK women got the vote she did from Alberta and Sask. He said O’Toole would lose Alberta Votes or Toronto RICH Votes if he did NOT take a stance Against Alberta, Environmentally Bankrupt Province. Most Media Would not allow other Bigots like that on twice.


Hey, Harjit baby, can you remind us how many fantastic women were railroaded and forced out of Parliament for failing to grovel to the fake feminist leader?


what else is new??