Conservatives Fighting To Stop Corrupt Liberals From Destroying Evidence In Trudeau WE Scandal

The Liberals are attempting one of the most brazen cover-ups we’ve ever seen in Canadian history.

With the Liberals massively redacting documents they ‘released’ to the public, and with Trudeau shutting down Parliament (thus shutting down investigations into the WE Charity), Canadians are witnessing what may be the most brazen cover-up in Canadian history.

And now, the Conservatives are fighting back.

In a letter to the clerk of the privy council and the head librarian and archivist of Canada, Conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre and Michael Barrett are seeking to ensure documents are not destroyed:

The Conservative Party also issued an open letter:

Corrupt Liberal Cover-Up Must Be Stopped

The privy council and the archives must comply with these clear and reasonable demands. If the Liberals are allowed to destroy evidence, then we aren’t a democracy anymore. This cover-up is more evidence of how desperate and corrupt the Liberals are, and Canadians can’t stand for it.

The Corrupt Liberal cover-up must be stopped, and the Canadian People must have access to information regardless of whether it makes the government look bad or not.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Guy-Paul Roy

It might be difficult to top Pierre Idiot as the # Worst PM EVER but I have faith in our Turd in the Punch Bowl. After all he is his son ??


With the liberals just spending many more of our borrowed dollars to again buy out their leftie media, they do seem to want to protect themselves or be able to just call an election? Thanks again to Pierre Poilievre and Micheal Barrett for their hard frustrating work, they are really really great Canadians. Since the Liberals blocked them, is there really no police force left in Canada that can look after this added liberal corruption on our democracy?? Some how I am thinking that there is a great need for armed policemen to collect all the evidence, make the co-conspirators… Read more »


What happened to the Lavalin scandal? Shouldn’t he have already been arrested? Where is the justice system or is it one set of rules for thee and another for me.

james isnor

And the question still remains. Where in the h#ll are the RCMP. They do realize that they work for CANADIANS and NOT the PMO.

David Henley

Corruption is nothing new. Canadians have known this for so long and seem to believe you must be corrupt to even be in politics. This is far more than corruption. this is a take over of our country. We are powerless to stop it. Canada is being taken over by communist and we don’t even care. The mindless people that just take for granted our rights and freedoms are going to find out just what fools they are. Canadians have no way to stop politicians once they are in power. Until this is corrected we are finished. They change names… Read more »