Biased Attacks On Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay Represent A Tipping Point In The Deepening Corruption Of The Establishment Media

The speed and ruthlessness with which the establishment press jumped in to push the anti-Conservative Liberal narrative shows that the media is now fully engaged in a battle against Conservatives.

One of the simple facts we face in Canada today is that most journalists are left-leaning people.

Not all.

There are some exceptions.

But overall, people in the media are far to the left of the most Canadians.

For a long time, this was hidden, as only a few networks and papers had large reach, and their ideological uniformity gave the appearance of unbiased consensus.

Now, with social media and the rise of Independent media, the bias can no longer be hidden.

Couple that with the Liberals buying off the press with a massive bailout, and it is now clear that the establishment press is no longer even pretending to hide the fact that they are by and large left-wing activists, rather than reporters.

If anyone had any lingering doubts about this reality, that was shattered when people saw how Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay was treated.

Findlay Tweeted, then deleted, a video of Chrystia Freeland interviewing George Soros. Findlay criticized Soros, who is an unpopular figure in much of the world.

Yet, the establishment press has tried to make Findlay – an MP who has been a strong support of Israel – as antisemitic for criticizing Soros, despite the fact that Findlay didn’t say anything even remotely antisemitic.

And after Findlay apologized, it still wasn’t enough for the media:

“Is this a full enough apology? Does this really own the responsibility? “Anyone who thinks…” ?Trafficking in this hateful conspiracy theory is dangerous and hurtful and when it gets this kind of mainstream validation it is normalized. We’ll discuss more on Monday on the radio.”

The media accepted Trudeau’s apology when he wore racist blackface over and over again.

The media has refused to hold the Liberals accountable for the antisemites who are still within their ranks.

Yet, when a strong, pro-Israel, pro-Jewish conservative tweets a video, the media refuses to accept her apology, and continues to demonize her over and over again.

What this shows is that the media is at war against Conservatives.

And more than that, they are at war against you.

They are fighting every decent, common-sense, reasonable-thinking Canadian, because truth-seekers like us stand in the way of the establishment media’s attempt to have a total hegemony of the information landscape.

They are trying to destroy Kerry-Lynne Findlay, while giving Trudeau a free pass, while refusing to denounce Jagmeet Singh for falsely accusing the Toronto Police of killing Regis Korchinski-Paquet, and much more.

This is a battle between Independent Media on one side, and the Corrupt Establishment Press on the other.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Garlet Farlett

I’m surprised they are screaming for her to resign! The left has gone completely insane. They HATE anyone who doesn’t think like them.


Thank goodness that we have independent media. I guess real Canadians who want the truth need to stop having anything to do with the paid lefty media. The Conservatives have to keep denouncing this lefty mainstream media , refuse to talk with them at all and stop apologizing for stating the truth and running scared when the lefty politicians are not apologizing for their real lies,racism and attacks on Canadians and Canadians must start standing up to the destruction these lieberals are doing to us.

Brian Dougan

When will politically conservative people get it? Don’t apologize. As I have said; it’s blood in the water, and the MSM are ruthless; hypocritical sharks. If Scheer was still the “leader;” he’d have her head on a platter, and hand it to the CBC–Head bowed; on his knees.


Kerry-Lynne Findlay should never have apologized. She did nothing wrong, so why did she apologize? If anyone should apologize to Canadians, it should be all the Liberals how have been destroying our country, and the Biased Liberal Media for spreading lies, NOT Kerry Lynne Findlay. She is a very Decent Ethical Human Being unlike the Liberals and the Biased Liberal Media who have NO ethics or Morals!

Rob Gillespie

Findlay should NEVER have apologized. That was her mistake. Sadly, far too many “conservatives” are too gutless to stand up to these media sacks of socialist shit. Until they do, I despair of them ever winning another a Canadian election. Thus I remain an Alberta separatist. VIVE L’ALBERTA LIBRE!!


All this Left Leaning Media Bias, and the same at our Colleges and Universities, and STILL they cannot win a Majority Government.

They did all that effort without even paying attention to what would make them win; giving the Majority what they really want…


Soros funds left leaning agenda around the world, why would you not question Freeland just like we question the Little Potatoes unnatural love of the Chinese Communists.


Some of media people including some politicians should be tried for Treason.They are creating confusion in Canada while Communist China is filling their coffers with our money by selling us their cheap products,and stealing our intellectual property.They have been accused with Russia,Japan and USA for the same thing.China has been bullying small countries of South Pacific and expanding their control in South China seas.We are on the brink of war. USA has deployed 30 naval ships in South pacific sea Japan, South Korea, Australian and Great Britain did the same sent some of their navy destroyers to the area.While all… Read more »


Not only just stealing, Bruno, Trudeau actually GAVE AWAY Chinese Virus secrets that we paid for, and when Chanpagne asked for them back, they gave him the finger. Liberals ARE as stupid as they look.


Yes it makes me livid.Traitors.


It was a big mistake for her to back down. It just encourages them to move in for the kill. She should have stomped on their heads – figuratively speaking, of course.