After Waiting Two Days To Denounce Destruction Of John A. Macdonald Statue, Trudeau Uses Moment To Spread More Division

Trudeau is trying to blame the ‘extreme-right,’ despite the obvious fact that it was a radical far-left mob that tore down the statue.

Justin Trudeau loves dividing Canadians.

In fact, it’s been his singular ‘achievement’ in office, with Canada more divided than we have been in a long-time.

Western separation is on the rise, the Bloc is resurgent in Quebec, and the level of political anger and partisan division has reached new heights. All of this coincides with Trudeau’s time in office, and as we all know, Trudeau and the Liberals have been the key contributor to that division.

And that isn’t changing anytime soon.

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau finally denounced the destruction of the John A. Macdonald statue in Montreal, after waiting two days, and after many other leaders, including Erin O’Toole and Francois Legault, denounced it immediately.

In his remarks, Trudeau said he was “disappointed.”

However, in his remarks in French, Trudeau tried to blame the ‘extreme-right.’

“We’ve seen, following that, people on either side of the spectrum trying to use these elements as a way of furthering debates,” the prime minister said, only in French: “I think that we’re seeing, particularly on the extreme right, that they’re trying to start culture wars and divide Canadians on issues such as that.”

This is total gaslighting.

The radical left has been pushing for a culture war, emboldened by radical university professors and by politicians like Justin Trudeau himself who demonize Canada.

Politicians like Justin Trudeau repeatedly refuse to even acknowledge that Antifa and radical far-left extremists exist, and then blame the ‘extreme-right’ when the radical left tears down statues.

Trudeau continues to try and blame everything on his opponents, continues to lie to Canadians, and continues to divide the country.

He is a totally failed leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Terry Gain

Trudeau plays the Biden card. Each of them is pathetic.


This was the same “trick” daddy Trudeau used to use, when he was trying to break the country up. At that time I was working with 2 northern Ontario French guys who really used to keep us informed about what this “fake Federalist” was saying in French, so immature baby Trudeau just added “fake Feminist to the fake federalist”. Far left, Far right’s meaning almost the same end result, loss of freedom, no real law and order, division, crime, drugs, no democracy, Many people end up way poorer, slaves, in prison, tortured, starving, dead or fleeing, and the liberals/NDP/Greens agendas… Read more »

Sam Winona

Have you ever thought that the words you use to demonize the party in opposition are exactly the kind of demonizing and dividing words you accuse the Prime Minister of using?

Guy-Paul Roy

The Turd in the Punch Bowl knows exactly what will happen to Pierre’s Statue and then his if it ever gets off the ground. That is the only disappointment that Narcissistic sociopath feels if he feels anything at all?

Lucille Parkinson

The leader of the Scandals Party is Satan Incarnate.

Arlene Schneider

He always blames others that he is actually guilty of. How can anyone stand him when he is in plain sight.


How utterly demoralizing it is to witness this elitist PM destroying the unity of this country…either by design (the signature of most globalists) or by sheer stupidity.
We can only pray that the majority of voters will see through his actions.

Douglas Robilliard

a fail everything except division and hatred, a racist liar! called a zero or nothing burger!

Sam Winona

Have you ever thought that the words you use to demonize the party in opposition are exactly the kind of demonizing and dividing words you accuse the Prime Minister of using?