Liberals Continue Dividing By Race: Hajdu Announces Mental Health Funds Only Available For Black Canadians

The Liberals claim Black Canadians disproportionately have mental health issues, and are excluding other groups from new funding. This is total systemic racism by the Liberals.

The Trudeau Liberals continue to make systemic racism their official government policy.

In an announcement, Patty Hajdu claimed Black Canadians have more mental health problems, and announced funding that excludes everyone else in Canada on the basis of race.

Here’s what the government said in the announcement:

“The Government of Canada has committed $19 million to enhance local community supports for youth at risk and support more culturally focused mental health programs for Black Canadians.

As part of this investment, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is confirming today $4.9 million for projects through the Promoting Health Equity: Mental Health of Black Canadians Fund (MHBC) to better support the mental health and well-being of Black Canadians.”

On Twitter, Hajdu implied that Black Canadians have more mental health problems:

“More Canadians than ever are reaching out for mental health support, including many people who are disproportionately impacted, like Black Canadians. This funding will help tackle the systemic challenges and barriers faced by these communities.”

People were quick to slam the Liberals for dividing people by race:

“I’m sorry but we are all facing the same mental health issues right now.

If anyone wasnt clear on the Liberals over use of Minority groups to play Savior to thew poor unfortunate people of color, heres clue number one.”

“As a West Africa descent let me tell you, and I never thought it would happen for your government to be more stupid but this is THE outmost STUPID tweet ever from your lousy RACIST cabinet.


“WTF? Is she saying black Canadians have a disproportionate amount of mental health issues?”

“Systematic racism, Stop this idiocracy of division black and white”

“What about the thousands of elderly who died agonizing deaths alone in nursing homes. Their lives matter”

The Liberals are clearly doubling-down on racial division as official government policy, and they will then accuse all of us who oppose their race-based policy of being ‘racists.’

The Corrupt establishment media will give them a big assist, continuing their war against the common-sense Canadian People.

This kind of Liberal racial division has no place in our country, and we all need to keep speaking out against it. Race-based policy will weaken and tear apart our country if it isn’t stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Arie Intveld

So the criminally insane are now identifying who is off their nut.

Chris Cannon

This of course from the Liberals just driving divide and purposely. The sooner their out of power the better and I’m far from a fan of O’Toole’s and the NDP what a JOKE!

Brian Dougan

What an slap in the face. An insult to the Black community, and an insult to the rest of us “racists.” Please Lord; take these power drunk; unhinged Libranos out of office. We can’t take another day of them.

Rose Fox

It’s also an insult to the truly mentally ill, who have been enduring woefully inadequate access to treatment for decades.


Maybe they did this so that PM Blackface can finally get the treatment that he so obviously needs.

Patrick Mothersill

And the real racists still accuse the rest of us of being racist. The sooner the corrupt Liberals are gone, the better we’ll all be.


Race baiting, what a shame.

Thinks will never change, because this is ALL these lefties know.
Sow divisions.

Sean J. Scully

How black do you have to be to qualify? Can you be half black? A quarter black?
What if you are brown? Are the Liberals suggesting that blacks are so inadequate that they require government assistance to make up for their shortcomings?


So disgustingly obvious pandering. Patty has got to go!


Do the Liberals get together and try to think of incredibly stupid things or does it come naturally?? It is an offensive and racist assumption that Blacks have mental health problems and I think a lawsuit is in order. It is abundantly clear that the Liberal Cabinet, and in particular their current leader, suffer from mental health infections. When have the Liberals ever made an intelligent decision? This gets worse by the day.


Hmm. Highest suicide rates in Canada – whites and natives so let’s give mental health dollars to black only. leftist logic.

David Henley

This coming from the most racist government Canadians have ever seen.