INSANE: Globe & Mail Attacks Erin O’Toole For Criticizing Disturbing ‘Cuties’ Movie

The establishment media is brutally out-of-touch with how most people see the world.

For almost everyone, the Netflix movie ‘cuties’ is highly disturbing.

I don’t even have to tell you why it’s disturbing, all common-sense people can see the problem easily.

And while some on the radical left are claiming the movie is about condemning what it claims to be promoting, the following Twitter thread demolishes that false claim:


In short, basically every reasonable and decent person is creeped out by ‘cuties.’

Among the reasonable majority of people is Erin O’Toole, who criticized the movie on Twitter:

“I’m a dad who is deeply disturbed by this Netflix show. Childhood is a time of innocence. We must do more to protect children. This show is exploitative and wrong.”

What O’Toole said is something nearly everyone will agree with.

Everyone that is, except the Globe & Mail:

“What Erin O’Toole gets wrong about the faux-controversy over Netflix’s Cuties”

First of all, ‘cuties’ has generate a real, massive controversy. People are legitimately disturbed and creeped-out.

To call it a ‘faux controversy’ is disgusting.

Second, for the Globe & Mail to attack O’Toole rather than side with him just goes to show how much the establishment press has been totally corrupted. They are completely out of touch with the vast majority of people, and it’s why more and more Canadians are looking towards Independent Media.

In response to the Globe & Mail, @Lumberist summed it up best:

“What on Gods green earth is wrong with you people?”

It’s a great question, and the establishment media has no answer.

Spencer Fernando

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