VIDEO: Hajdu Says She Knew About Pandemic Risk In December 2019. So Why Did She Then Spend Months Opposing Border Closures & Saying The ‘Risk Was Low’?

Hajdu’s admission that she was briefed in December should be disqualifying. It’s simply yet another of her pathetic failures and total incompetence.

You and I know very well that Patty Hajdu has been totally incompetent and pathetic in dealing with the CCP Virus pandemic.

And now, she has made an admission that casts her response in an even worse light.

In an interview with Evan Solomon, Hajdu admitted that she was briefed in “late December” 2019 about the threat of the CCP Virus pandemic:

“How would have the early pandemic alert system impacted the COVID-19 trajectory in Canada, had it been active? Hajdu weighs in”

This should be a massive scandal.

Hajdu new in DECEMBER about the threat of the virus.

She then spent months publicly opposing border shutdowns (even saying closing the border could ’cause harm.’

She said ‘stigma’ was the biggest threat.

She said the “risk was low.”

And then, thousands of Canadians died and our economy suffered massive damage due to the virus entering the country.

This is either deadly negligence, or pathetic incompetence. Perhaps both.

Either way, Hajdu once again shows that she is the worst health minister Canada has ever had, and her continued inability to handle the job is putting more Canadian lives at risk.

What an absolute disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Just another lefty politician bobblehead puppet, no thoughts of their own, just following the UN’s WHO orders and their agenda. Are we ever in trouble with these programmed puppet fools acting for these anti Canada pretending “rulers”.

Marian Joudoin

Canada definitely deserves better!

Dave Youngman

Her prior occupation was GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Like hiring a professional GARDENER to manage a nuclear reactor and then ask a dumb question when it melts down. Tp exacerbate the entire mess we had Dr. Flip Flop TAM giving these incompetent politicians incompetent “medical” advice. With these fools in charge the big mystery is why the entire country didn’t catch it and DIE.