Trudeau Liberals Spending Your Taxpayer Dollars For ‘Coronavirus Study’ On “How The Black Lives Matter Protests Have Given Quebec Black Young Adults A Chance To Recover From The Damaging Psychological Effects Of The Covid-19 Pandemic”

And that’s not all, there are studies on “creating a communal theatre experience in the time of Covid.”

While Canadians struggle and up to 60% of Canadian small businesses face the prospect of permanent closure, the Trudeau Liberals are spending taxpayer dollars on absolute absurdities.

As shared by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa on Twitter, the Liberals are giving money to ‘coronavirus studies’ on things that are completely unrelated to the virus:

“Liberals just announced millions in coronavirus research on communal theatre and “how the Black Lives Matter Protests have given Quebec Black young adults a chance to recover from the damaging psychological effects of the Covid-19 pandemic”+ other projects”

Some of the studies don’t even have anything to do with Canada:

“COVID-19: Testimonios of COVID-19 Violence and Solidarity among Peruvian Transgender Communities”

Here are some others:

“COVID-19: Mapping Canada’s potential to shift to a cycling nation post-pandemic through a Canada-wide, coordinated bike count”

COVID-19: Music listening habits of Canadians during COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 The Stream You Step In: Creating a Communal Theatre Experience in the Time of COVID.”

This is totally absurd.

This is not where the priorities of Canadians are, and this is not what the government should be focused on.

Many Canadian small-businesses, run by hard-working People who are the backbone of our economy, are at the risk of collapse. Money for those businesses has been extremely slow in being released, and in many cases is not enough.

Yet, at the same time, the government somehow has money to fund these absurd ‘studies.’

What a joke.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter