SINGH SELLS OUT: NDP Seems Set To Support Trudeau Agenda

The NDP is now bankrupt, both morally and financially.

Under Jagmeet Singh, the NDP has been on a steady downward trajectory.

From having dreams of forming government, a strong base, and committed partisans, the NDP is now a shell of its former self.

It has been reduced to a near-parody of ‘wokeness,’ a rump party that is nearly bankrupt.

Fundraising is terrible, their poll numbers are consistently weak, and Jagmeet Singh is constantly outplayed by the Liberals.

And now, the NDP can add moral bankruptcy to their existing financial bankruptcy.

After Trudeau announced higher funding for unemployment benefits, Singh appears to have already sold out:

“We’ll wait to see for more of the details but that’s what I was waiting for,” Singh told BNN Bloomberg in an interview Thursday afternoon. “I wanted to see some commitments on those actions before I could take the Throne Speech at its word.”

This comes after days of Singh saying the Liberals cannot be trusted.

Clearly, Jagmeet Singh isn’t really a party leader.

He isn’t really interested in defeating the Liberals or holding the government accountable for corruption.

Instead, Singh is once again propping up Trudeau, letting the Liberals get away with their scandals, and backing an agenda of massive government centralization, immense spending, and restrictions on the freedom of Canadians.

Singh’s weakness and incompetence is destroying the NDP, and it’s ruining Canadian democracy.

In effect, we have a de-facto coalition between the Liberals and the crippled New Democrats, something nobody voted for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

Reds of a feather……stick together!


Singh openly and repeatedly stated he would never work with the Conservatives. One good thing – his support of the Liberals at this time enables the numerous investigative committees to do their work of exposing Liberal corruption.


Well we knew this, it would have shocked me if this guy had a spine. To me he is just another of the many anti-Canada people at the Canadian tax (now debt) easy money trough seeing how much they can collect up personally and there till they get their time in for the gold plated pension, then moving on to another get rich scheme, sad what Canadians will elect, but we still have unethical Trudeau and his scheming gang of elite puppets.


The traitor class will always sell out it’s people for personal gain.


What is happening ,RIGHT now in Canada, illuminates what is wrong with a VERY corrupt multi-party parliamentary system. We need a TWO party system to get a CLEAR mandate and CLEAR majority vote.Anything else is just parties pandering to each other to stay in power to the detriment of the WHOLE country- and it’s MORE than disgusting as we’re dragged down the drain by essentially one corrupt man backed by another corrupt man : Justin trudeau and Jagmeat Singh. neither of whom knows what it means to be a Canadian patriot…@#$%………


Well already in the USA with the CPPvirus mail in ballots the Democrats and our lieberal paid media insisted were so safe for an election. They have already found several of them that were votes for Trump thrown out, the FBI is supposedly investigating because these ballots were not supposed to even be opened yet and the names of who these votes were from were destroyed, they think they were votes from the military as an envelope found with them was? So, do we even want another easily fixed election? Remember the over one million mailed in votes in the… Read more »


The younger generation has no spine. We have become a nation of wimpy dope smoking kids.

chris brown

Nobody voted for it, but only the visually challenged couldn’t have seen it coming.

Arie Intveld

If the only legacy Rolex Singh can leave behind is one of self-indulgent treachery, of course he is going for it.


Another self serving dolt that hates Canada.

james isnor

hopefully soon Jagmeet will need those unemployment benefits

Ghost Operator

Freedom > Globalism


The NDP and Greens are a waste of seats . Singh is a sell out , a virtual lap dog . Wonder if he does tricks for Trudeau after the belly rub ?

Richard Guyatt

Not surprised if Jagmeet does support the corrupt Liberals. With his record as the leader of the NDP, maybe their membership regrets Tom Mulcair leaving?? How about the NDP ditching Jagmeet (before they completely collapse) for one of the best the NDP has ever had in Charlie Angus??? For those of us who still remember, David Lewis of the NDP propped up Turd-Dope’s old man Pierre for 18 months or so before the taste of a Trudeau in power wasn’t so sweet anymore. For Canada and the best interest of Canadians, hope the NDPers can convince Jagmeet to dump PM… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

Why don’t we just call this what it is. A coalition government.

Richard Guyatt

Hey…I’ve been barking up the wrong tree Jagmeet. Hey man, the ONLY way YOU are going to get into the History books in Canada, is to be the ONE who brought PM Slimeball of Canada down. C’mon Jagmeet buddy, vote with the Conservatives on a No Confidence vote like David Lewis did to Turd-Dope’s old man Pierre.

Hey man DO IT Jagmeet…we DARE you. We know you said you would not support the Conservatives, but as nobody in their right mind believes you anyway, GO FOR IT…..C’MON JAGMEET, IF YOU CAN’T DO IT FOR YOURSELF, DO IT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!!


Hmmm .
Why doesnt Singh demand some seats at the Cabinet table ?
I think he should, if Trudeau balks, then pull the plug.