SINGH SELLS OUT: NDP Seems Set To Support Trudeau Agenda

The NDP is now bankrupt, both morally and financially.

Under Jagmeet Singh, the NDP has been on a steady downward trajectory.

From having dreams of forming government, a strong base, and committed partisans, the NDP is now a shell of its former self.

It has been reduced to a near-parody of ‘wokeness,’ a rump party that is nearly bankrupt.

Fundraising is terrible, their poll numbers are consistently weak, and Jagmeet Singh is constantly outplayed by the Liberals.

And now, the NDP can add moral bankruptcy to their existing financial bankruptcy.

After Trudeau announced higher funding for unemployment benefits, Singh appears to have already sold out:

“We’ll wait to see for more of the details but that’s what I was waiting for,” Singh told BNN Bloomberg in an interview Thursday afternoon. “I wanted to see some commitments on those actions before I could take the Throne Speech at its word.”

This comes after days of Singh saying the Liberals cannot be trusted.

Clearly, Jagmeet Singh isn’t really a party leader.

He isn’t really interested in defeating the Liberals or holding the government accountable for corruption.

Instead, Singh is once again propping up Trudeau, letting the Liberals get away with their scandals, and backing an agenda of massive government centralization, immense spending, and restrictions on the freedom of Canadians.

Singh’s weakness and incompetence is destroying the NDP, and it’s ruining Canadian democracy.

In effect, we have a de-facto coalition between the Liberals and the crippled New Democrats, something nobody voted for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube