More Albertans Have Died From Opioid Overdoses Than From The Virus During Pandemic

The suffering caused by economic collapse and restrictions on access to support has its own death toll, meaning endless lockdowns are not the answer.

As we’ve seen, government’s have embraced lockdowns as the solution to the CCP Virus Crisis.

However, as with everything in life, there are consequences.

And there is increasing evidence that the consequences of lockdowns – especially when lockdowns go on for a long-time – are not sustainable.

For example, in Alberta, 261 people have died of the virus since the pandemic began. Yet, in that same time period, 449 have died of opioid overdoses.

Those deaths are likely a combination of the ongoing opioid crisis, and the link between economic decline and drug addiction.

There is also increasing evidence that suicides and mental health problems are increasing.

What this all means is that – as we already know – lockdowns have their own death toll.

It’s not enough for politicians to simply look at lives saved from the CCP virus, they must also look at the second-order consequences of lockdowns.

The solution to the ‘second wave’ cannot simply be massive lockdowns again, because that will be a crippling blow against an already severely damaged economy.

And economic damage isn’t about simply generic dollar figures, it’s about lives. The livelihoods lost, and the lives lost from the human suffering caused by economic collapse will mean more death.

Politicians must weigh these consequences, and they must realize that with the public now well aware of the need to protect the elderly and vulnerable, wear masks in appropriate situations, and socially distance, it is up to individual and community responsibility now, not government lockdowns.

Also, notice how politicians who claim to be all about ‘saving lives,’ have refused to confront China over the massive amount of fentanyl they keep shipping into our country.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely politicians will be reasonable about this. They are focused only on what they will be directly blamed for, and deaths caused by economic collapse are less easily attributable to those in power since they seem less direct, while every CCP Virus case gets lots of attention in the media.

So, we will see what ends up happening in the ‘second wave,’ but we must always be vigilant about holding those in power accountable for their decisions and make it known that every decision has consequences.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube