WATCH: Trump Releases New Video From Walter Reed

“I’m starting to feel good” said Trump.

In a 4-minute long video, US President Donald Trump spoke from Walter Reed Medical Center.

In the video Trump thanked the medical professionals who are taking care of him, thanked people for their well-wishes, and said he was “starting to feel good.”

Trump added that US First Lady Melania Trump was “doing well.”

Trump noted that he couldn’t just stay “upstairs in the White House,” and had to do his job, meet with people, and “be out front” leading the “most powerful nation in the world.”

You can watch the full video below:

It’s good to see that Trump is in good spirits and seems to be doing well, and we continue to hope and pray for the health of the US President, the US First Lady and all who are dealing with the virus.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter