Those Who Commit Horrific Crimes Against Children Should Face The Death Penalty

If a society is defined by how it treats its ‘most vulnerable,’ then the punishment for crimes against children must be as severe and brutal as possible.

As we have all seen, there is a disturbing, creeping normalization of the mistreatment of children in our society.

The far-left continues to try and destroy all basic, normal interaction between human beings, overturning every common-sense thing that people believe.

That has coincided with a clear weakening of our ‘justice system,’ to the point where people who commit even the most horrendous crimes against children are let out of prison and free to threaten others.

That’s why all of us who value justice must continue to push for a justice system that is dramatically harsher and much more severe.

And it’s why those who commit horrendous crimes against children must face the death penalty.

The left and the corrupt establishment must explain why they would oppose this.

Why would they oppose putting monsters to death?

Why would they oppose sending a clear and unmistakable signal that crimes against children will not be allowed?

While some might see this as ‘too harsh,’ harshness is the point.

Sometimes, a brutal and harsh response is the only way to deal with those who commit evil acts.

By contrast, trying to be ‘compassionate’ towards criminals often only allows evil to further flourish, causing more suffering.

In fact, compassion for criminals often means brutality towards victims, when that should be completely reversed.

We must push back against the normalization of horrible things in our society, and we must push for bringing back the death penalty to send a clear message.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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