The Bank Of Canada Is Printing Money Like Crazy

Chart shows massive surge in money printing, far outpacing comparable nations.

Amid the CCP Virus Crisis, many countries have seen increased central bank activity.

With business activity pulling back, government spending has surged, and countries around the world are going further and further into debt.

However, it appears that money printing in Canada is almost off the charts.

A chart based on Bloomberg data compiled by Crescat Capital LLC shows the Bank of Canada’s balance sheet assots to nominal GDP year-over-year growth is at a stunning 456%.

Meanwhile, in the US, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, and the European Central Bank, that growth is at 100% or less.

Clearly, something big is going on here in Canada.

This is deeply concerning, especially when we consider that the Canadian government spent about 50% more on average on pandemic response programs, yet Canada has the highest unemployment rate in the G7.

The Liberals are shoving money out the door at a rapid pace, and this – combined with serious declines in investment that were taking place even before the crisis – has led to the Bank of Canada printing immense amounts of money.

Another chart shared by @realNathanCheng notes the gigantic increase in the Bank of Canada’s assets and liabilities this year:

Bank of Canada

This is something that many have been concerned about for some time:

The Bank of Canada will try to keep Canada’s economy stable, which becomes more and more difficult as the Liberals increase spending, restrict growth, and push investment out of the country. Canada also has the problem of being a nation that increasingly doesn’t build anything real, with more and more of our economy amount to shifting money around on computers. Also, our absurdly inflated housing market – inflated in large part by foreign elites buying up our country – is a huge source of vulnerability.

As a result, the Bank of Canada seems to believe it has few options other than printing more and more money, which of course brings it’s own problem, with the risk of inflation, a loss of trust in Canada’s currency, and serious economic decline.

Canada’s economy is a house of cards, and that is increasingly being exposed.

Spencer Fernando


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It is as we thought, if the RCMP could investigate and arrest it would be the whole government plus the bank of Canada who were involved in all these crimes never mind all th other criminals they brought to Canada. There is absolutely no one in power that could even protect Canada we have not had a government these criminal elites have destroyed Canada and sold us out for their own amusement it seems.


Will the conservative government look into money laundering going on in the chambers of the government or will the Canadian population be willing to take corrupt officials to the bank?


yup , So as I have been saying its increasingly looking like the Libs hidden agenda is less opaque now. Tinker bell Trudeau and mob will run Canada into the ground
(debt crises, stagflation and bankrupt.) then they will justify handing over the keys
to China because after all they will ”help” us out of our situation . Then China can
finally pilfer our energy, forests, water, food , Arctic , banks etc.
Or will the USA step in for a bail out as they did with Mexico in the late 90’s ??
I dont want to find out.

Ron Shaw

As inflation rises , the Canadian dollar will fall , becoming worthless , soon a loaf of bread will cost fifty or one hundred Canadian dollars . It’s happening presently in other socialist county’s that are being financially mismanaged . It’s been happening slowly over this past year . Look at just one or two necessary commodities , lumber has almost doubled in price , most food goods and imports up fifty percent . It’s not long now folks until Trudeau and his merry band of financial imbeciles gut the banks . If you have investments , watch them very… Read more »

Moe S.

Trudeau’s debt is piled so high it blocks his “sunny ways” rays of the sun. People don’t realize all the money he’s giving away is devaluing the dollar, your pension, savings, and it’s wiping out businesses.


Further and further into debt? You mean farther and farther.


This graph looks like Gore’s graph from Inconvenient Truth. “It’s not that CO2 levels are changing, it’s the rate that levels are changing” –> moral panic!