What Are The Liberals Hiding?

They are clearly terrified of the truth being revealed. Their corruption gets worse every day.

What are the Liberals hiding?

Canadians deserve to know.

After all, the creation of a committee to investigate corruption should be easily supported by all parties, right?

The government isn’t supposed to be corrupt, so only the corrupt would oppose investigating corruption.

And as you consider that, it certainly means the Liberals are hiding something.

They obviously realize how bad it looks for them to be opposing the creation of an anti-corruption committee, and that it looks even worse for them to threaten an election over it.

So, whatever they are hiding is worse than those things.

What exactly could it be?

We don’t know, and that’s precisely the problem.

The Canadian People have the right to know what is going on.

The government is supposed to work for us, to SERVE us, not rule over us.

Yet, the Liberals are acting like rulers who feel entitled to exercise power over us without us being able to exercise power or accountability over them.

It’s anti-democratic, and it completely goes against the values of our nation.

That’s why the more corrupt the Liberals become, the more anti-Canadian they are becoming as well.

Spencer Fernando

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