We Are Increasingly Seeing That Justin Trudeau Hates Democracy

And that means he hates you.

Justin Trudeau hates democracy.

Some might think that’s harsh, but at this point, I really don’t care.

We have to call it like it is.

Being ‘nice’ and talking around the issue is worthless.

The facts are obvious.

Justin Trudeau talked a big game about accountability when he was seeking power, and after the Harper government – which was often highly secretive – many were glad to see the possibility of a more accountable government.

Yet, once in power, Trudeau has proven to be far more secretive than Harper, and far more hypocritical.

The more Trudeau talks about ‘openness’ and ‘accountability,’ the further he moves away from that.

Trudeau has faced the most ethics scandals of any PM in history.

He has sought to starve government oversight bodies of funding (a big contrast to the Conservatives who brought in new positions like the Parliamentary Budget Officer).

He has made access to information far more difficult.

He created a $7 BILLION ‘slush-fund’ that allowed the Liberals to spend all that taxpayer money with zero oversight.

He removed Jody Wilson-Raybould when she refused to do the bidding of Trudeau’s elitist corporate cronies.

He tried to put the WE Charity in control of nearly $1 BILLION in your taxpayer dollars, only having to backtrack when it turned into a massive and ongoing scandal.

And now, the Liberals have gone further than ever before, by turning the creation of an anti-corruption committee into a confidence vote, something which has never happened before.

As Andrew Coyne pointed out on Twitter, this is incredibly dangerous:

“Amid all the partisan posturing, let’s not forget there’s a pretty important principle at stake here. If the government can just dissolve Parliament whenever Parliament starts asking difficult questions, then we haven’t got much of a Parliament, or a parliamentary democracy. 1/4”

“That’s particularly true when the subject is possible corruption in high office. If the government can get away with this — on top of prorogation, on top of censoring documents, on top of filibustering the committees — it means it can delay accountability indefinitely. 2/4”

“So I hope MPs of all parties call their bluff. Make the PM go through with it. Make him do the walk to the GG and say “I need you to dissolve the House so that it can’t call a committee to look into my attempt to steer public funds to the organization that hired my mum.” 3/4”

“If that means an election, so be it. If that means they lose the election, so be it. Maybe nobody cares about Parliament. Maybe all ppl care abt is who signs their cheques. If that’s the case, best to find out, & dispense w/ the illusion of parliamentary govt once and for all 4/4”

Let’s be real about what’s happening here:

Justin Trudeau doesn’t see himself as a servant – which is what a leader in a democracy is supposed to be.

Instead, he sees himself as a ruler, who is arrogantly entitled to total power and who shouldn’t have to be be accountable to anyone.

You can see it when he speaks and when gets questioned: He looks like he is tired of having to even be questioned or challenged on anything.

The fact is, Justin Trudeau hates democracy.

When he said the Chinese Communist Party ‘Basic Dictatorship’ was the government he most admired, he wasn’t joking. He was – for a rare moment – being honest.

As you watch what happened today, and as you see what is happening, you can continue to realize how Justin Trudeau hates our democracy, and how he really hates you, since the contempt he shows for Canadian democracy shows his contempt for the people of our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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