HYPOCRITE HAJDU: Health Minister Seen Without Mask At Toronto Pearson Airport


Patty Hajdu – the most incompetent health minister in Canadian history – has been caught violating the rules of the part of government she is supposed to be running.

A photo – shared by Thanasi P on Twitter – shows Hajdu at Toronto Pearson airport, without a mask, without a mask even appearing to be nearby, and without any food around her:

“Hi @PattyHajdu I don’t like wearing masks in indoor spaces either. But please don’t undermine PHAC’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID. We all have to do our part. Please set a better example for Canadians. #cdnpoli #pattyhajdu #covid #trudeauliberals”

Yet, despite now food or anything else being present, Hajdu claimed she was following the rules:

Thanisi P noted that Hajdu is lying:

Basically, Hajdu is expecting us to believe her – despite the fact that she’s been wrong over and over again – while disbelieving our own eyes.

Now, I’m not a fan of centralized government power, and I don’t think people should be attacked for violating these rules created by a bunch of inconsistent incompetent politicians.

However, in Hajdu’s case, she is the one creating the rules in the first place.

Regular People are being punished for violations.

So, how can she have any credibility on anything if she doesn’t follow the rules set by the department she runs?

It’s the same arrogant elitist attitude that enrages so many Canadians: Rules for thee, but not for me.

Yet another example of Hajdu’s total incompetence and contempt for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Thanasi P