Buckle Up: Amid Economic Stagnation & Record Debt, Liberal Government Planning Net-Zero Emissions Scheme

Throughout history, there was always the hope of strong growth to overcome an economic crisis. But how will strong growth happen when the government is heaping taxes and regulations on everyone?

Canada’s economy is stagnating.

That would have been a true statement before the pandemic, and it’s even truer now.

Most concerningly, that stagnation is taking place from a much lower economic level, with many jobs having been lost, hundreds of thousands of businesses on the brink, and debt levels up everywhere.

Now, all of this could be overcome.

If the government brought in large tax cuts for Canadians, and reduced centralized regulations, we could see an explosion of investment, creativity, and innovation that would help us recover.

But instead, the Liberals are moving in the opposite direction.

According to reports, the Liberals are planning to introduce a net-zero emissions plan, which aims to have Canada at net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

However, there will be mandatory emissions cuts beginning in 2025 under the plan.

This comes as Canada is already dramatically missing our current targets.

Think about that for a moment:

Even after one of the largest economic contractions in history, we are still missing current targets, yet the Liberals want us to hit even tougher targets.

How does that make any sense?

There is a clear relationship between higher economic growth and higher emissions, with technological advancement being the only thing that can change that.

What that means is the government should be incentivizing Canadian innovation, rather than punishing economic success.

We now face the prospect of trying to dig out from a severe economic hole, while being held down by our own federal government, which will be piling taxes and regulations onto us at a record clip.

Rather than unleashing the potential of the Canadian People, the government will be drowning that potential.

Of course, this will also hit the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan the hardest, further weakening Canada’s national unity.

All in all, this is a huge mistake by the government, one that could cause consequences we all pay for for a very long time.

Spencer Fernando

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I think Net-zero can be attained but you can’t legislate it, the economy can move this direction because companies can shift much quicker then governments to net-zero as it only helps companies in the future. But so many governments want to legislate practices out of existence, and it utterly fails because these laws kill any disposable income needed to shift. The other aspect is government subsidization for net-zero activities are not sustainable, and only are made viable with government intervention. But as the economy evolves those programs can end and businesses close. It is much better if businesses find ways… Read more »

Barry Bateman

All life dies without CO2.


Liberals live in some imaginary perfect world, completely disconnected from reality. Narcissism.

David Henley

Our Canadian government has failed us regardless of the party. Liberals ignore our laws. NDP support them, conservatives talk and do nothing. All parties seem to be headed for globalist agenda. Criminals running the country from Europe. We continue to submit to communist rules by way of liberals and NDP and the do nothing Conservative party. Fight seems to have left and submission the new normal of life in Canada. We lost thousands in a war for freedom that we celebrate on nov 11 but can’t find anyone who has courage to continue the fight. Anyone who says anything against… Read more »

Wallace Klinck

What the Trudeau Administration is doing is no mistake. Their policy is quite deliberate and is Marxist inspired. However, “Marxism” is actually an unholy combination of the International Banking Fraternity and some giant corporate interests who are arch monopolists seeking to foreclose on the nations while establishing what can only be a World Tyranny. The late C.H. Douglas warned that society is never in such grave danger as when subject to the “mercies” of the Idealist who has a Utopia to which everyone else is required to conform.
Social credit – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Some of us won’t roll over. JT sends the first congrats to Joe Biden: owned by all the globalists. Our job is to stand up, speak up & be the change we want to see in the world. Your MP hates actual letters showing up. Any email can be deleted. Send a letter registered mail. Sucks to be them because there’s proof it’s been received.

Brian Dougan

Net zero emissions?? Yup. That’s Trudope. Not zero debt. Not a zero deficit. No sir; not in Castreau’s Canada. He’s slowly executing our country. Castreau knows exactly what he’s doing; that’s painfully obvious.

very old white guy

Net zero is physical impossibility as long as there is a living creature on the planet that in hales and exhales. Only the truly terminally stupid could possibly believe otherwise.


Why do all the stupid people get into Politics? Net ZERO is just friggin insane . . . the world today Runs on Gas, Oil & Coal . . . and will for the forseable future . . . No one playing with a full deck thinks that 30 odd million Canooks can change the “Klimate” . . . while 1.5 Chinese & 1.2 Billion Indians are by far the worst polluters on the Planet ! When they catch up with us . . . We WILL TALK ! ! ! If ALL Canadians froze in the dark for 6… Read more »

Barry Bateman

All life dies without CO2. This is because CO2 and H2O are the two basic ingredient molecules to solar driven photosynthesis. CO2, along with water, are the two most fundamental ingredient molecules to photosynthetic driven life on earth. The carbon in CO2 is the source of EVERY carbon element backbone to every fat, every protein, even to our DNA and RNA molecules. Carbon is the backbone of EVERY complex molecule essential to life on earth. Photosynthesis creates and replenishes our 20% oxygen rich atmosphere. Photosynthesis takes energy from sunlight, CO2, and water and creates our oxygen rich atmosphere and all… Read more »