After Trudeau Claimed Canada Would Be First In Line, It Turns Out Mexico, Germany, The United States, The UK, And More Will Likely Roll Out Vaccines First

Canadians could be left to wait and wait while foreign countries roll out vaccines to their citizens.

Many months ago, Justin Trudeau claimed Canada would be first in line for China virus vaccines.

It turns out, that’s not the case.

It appears that the UK, Mexico, the United States, Germany, and more will be rolling out vaccines ahead of us.

The UK says a vaccine could be distributed as soon as December 1st.

In the US, it could start around December 12th.

In Mexico, they are looking at mid December.

Germany may also distribute relatively soon.

And now, with the Trudeau government spinning their way around the fact that Canada doesn’t seem to have a vaccine distribution plan or a timetable, the Opposition has been slamming what appears to be yet another broken promise.

The Conservatives, Bloc, and NDP all questioned the government on the vaccine issue, with Justin Trudeau issuing evasive responses.

This is the latest example of governments failing to get the job done, even as they demand more and more power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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That may actually prove to be a good thing as the vaccine has not been given the appropriate time for research completion. I am worried tho that they want docs and nurses to be first..what if they start getting sick or dying. Who will help us then? No, no, in their bungling, we may have been handed the golden glove.


What about Sputnik V – weren’t they the very first and it’s also the cheapest and I read recently – RT news that Russia has been working on their vaccine for 10 years. Don’t know how to check the veracity of that statement – don’t have the clout or knowledge to research this kind of info. Also their vaccine will be the cheapest so far. (it may have been off-guardian who wrote the article)

Brian Dougan

Trudope gives China whatever their stone hearts desire. However; schoolyard bullies don’t respect the fawning; compliant weakling. They continue getting punched out, and come last. Trudope continues to shine their shoes, and we pay for the polish.

Helen K

For once we win with this lame PM. A virus from which more than 99% of those who have it survive just fine does not require a vaccine. Period.

Guy-Paul Roy

Canada has secured more doses as far as population goes,,,,,Save that three Quarters will go the the WHO as The TURD in the PUNCH BOWL has pushed for since day one.


That’s the best news I’ve heard all year. I wouldn’t take their vaccine if you paid me. “95% effective? Sure they are. Create a problem, provide a solution, sit back and watch the $ billions roll. Wake up sheeple.


This is one broken promise that I am not upset about. Regardless of when Canada starts rolling out the “vaccines” I will not even get in line for them. I have not donned a mask, nor have I accepted an annoying squirt of cheap hand sanitizer when walking through the doors of any business, nor have I been tested for the “virus” that has been so blatantly overhyped. And I will certainly not accept the vaccine. I have yet to be vaccinated and will spend the rest of my years keeping that record in tact.


How can it be? JT “issuing evasive responses”!

Ron Shaw

Would Canadians really expect anything more than ongoing lies , corruption and now just plain stupidity for not putting a vaccine program in place in a timely manner .
The covid mole is hiding his miserable face as he should . Canada’s biggest Loser !

Doug Robilliard

Idiot top to bottom !


Whats all this clamouring about “who will get the vaccine first” ?

Personally, want to be sure that any vaccine is safe, we all know what happened with Bill Gates polio vaccine in Africa….people GOT POLIO, and many died or are crippled.

Its absolutely unbelievable that the fascists at the CBC are gaslighting the public about this “vaccine”, that isnt ready yet. Maybe we dont even need it, I’m told hrdroxychloroquine/zinc/azithomycin works amazingly.