After Trudeau Claimed Canada Would Be First In Line, It Turns Out Mexico, Germany, The United States, The UK, And More Will Likely Roll Out Vaccines First

Canadians could be left to wait and wait while foreign countries roll out vaccines to their citizens.

Many months ago, Justin Trudeau claimed Canada would be first in line for China virus vaccines.

It turns out, that’s not the case.

It appears that the UK, Mexico, the United States, Germany, and more will be rolling out vaccines ahead of us.

The UK says a vaccine could be distributed as soon as December 1st.

In the US, it could start around December 12th.

In Mexico, they are looking at mid December.

Germany may also distribute relatively soon.

And now, with the Trudeau government spinning their way around the fact that Canada doesn’t seem to have a vaccine distribution plan or a timetable, the Opposition has been slamming what appears to be yet another broken promise.

The Conservatives, Bloc, and NDP all questioned the government on the vaccine issue, with Justin Trudeau issuing evasive responses.

This is the latest example of governments failing to get the job done, even as they demand more and more power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube