REPORT: US Justice Department Seeking Meng Wanzhou Deal

Canadians are being clear that any deal must involve the release of the two Michael’s kidnapped by the Chinese Communist Party.

According to multiple reports, the US Justice Department are seeking a ‘deferred prosecution agreement,’ (yes, the same kind that was at the centre of the SNC-Laval Scandal), which would result in Meng Wanzhou admitting wrongdoing, while having the charges against her dropped.

This would result in Meng being able to leave Canada, and return to China, as Canada would have no extradition treaty obligation if charges are dropped.

If such a deal were made however, the question is what would happen with the two Michael’s.

Many are noting that any such deal should first begin with China releasing Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, because a deal that doesn’t include them would mean that China could keep them locked away indefinitely.

The Canadian government has said getting Kovrig and Spavor back is their biggest concern in dealing with China.

It must be made clear that the return of Kovrig and Spavor must be part of any deal signed between the US & China.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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If I get caught drunk driving or speeding, maybe I can negotiate a ‘deferred prosecution agreement,’, pay a little fine and promise like Trudeau does to learn from the experience and try to do better.

Will the Micheal’s be getting $100 million from Trudeau?


Even if the two Michaels are released, all other Canadians currently resident in China are still potential hostages should the Chinese government wish to exert pressure on Canada.

Brian Dougan

Does anyone trust the Party of Trudeau to do the right thing? Can you count the number of times on a one-finger hand? Let’s hope they’re somehow forced to place decency above their repugnant politics. Just this once.


With the false election in the USA so corrupted it seems, and a fragile/senile China Joe and Harris are being forced into the Presidency there, by the fake bought out mainstream media and big tech and foreign forces. Fixed voting machines being controlled outside and inside the USA, the secret vote counts in some areas higher than the voting age population, less ballots mailed out, in some states than the numbers mailed back – or trucked back in to be counted in the swing States, hugh dumps of ballots all for sleepy Joe/Harris, making big spikes of questionable fraud in… Read more »