McKenna & Freeland Divided On Ottawa Lockdown

If all the politicians are ‘following the science,’ why do they disagree?

We keep getting told that all of our leaders are ‘following the science,’ as if that is some sort of magical incantation rather than an empty talking point.

Yet, all evidence shows that most of the people in power have no idea what they are doing.

Remember, they said they were ‘following the science’ when they opposed wearing masks, then said they were ‘following the science’ when they promoted wearing masks.

They said border controls would ’cause harm’ based on ‘the science,’ then said border controls would save lives, also based on ‘the science.’

And now, we are seeing two politicians in the Liberal government disagree with each other on the new Ontario-wide lockdown, which includes Ottawa – where there are very few cases:

So, who is following the science here?

Is it McKenna?

Is it Freeland?

Or, is it the reality that we are allowed to disagree, that politicians are largely making it up as they go, and the whole taboo around criticizing lockdowns is a dangerous effort to limit free speech.

There’s nothing wrong with McKenna and Freeland disagreeing, in fact it’s good to see some diversity of thought in the government. The issue is that they demonize the rest of us when we disagree with lockdowns, calling people ‘conspiracy theorists,’ and ‘covid deniers’ for questioning the destruction of countless livelihoods without true evidence that it’s actually doing anything.

During a crisis, and especially in a crisis, we must not be silenced by empty political messaging, and we must maintain our ability and our right to question the government and push back against these ongoing abuses of power.

Spencer Fernando