House Of Commons Speaker Rules Conservative MPs Can’t Wear Masks With Pro Oil & Gas Message

It appears the institutions in this country are determined to treat the oil & gas sector (which pays in large part for those institutions), with as much disdain as possible.

The Speaker of the House of Commons – previously a Liberal MP – has ruled that Conservative MPs are not allowed to wear masks that feature a message supporting Canada’s oil & gas sector.

According to Erin O’Toole’s director of communications, the Liberals pushed for the Conservatives to be barred from wearing them:

“This is absurd! The Liberals just pushed to have Conservative MP’s stripped of their face masks because they support Canadian #oilandgas – come on!#KeystonePipeline #KeystoneXL #cdnpoli”

“Speaker just ruled Conservative MP’s can’t wear their oil & gas face masks!!! #cdnpoli”

So much for free expression, and if free expression is so easily shut down in the House of Commons, then it’s no surprise it is at such risk in the rest of our country.

Beyond this particular instance however, the challenge the Conservatives face is that they appear torn on the broader issue of whether they truly support more individual freedom and freedom of speech, or whether those are solely talking points that aren’t put into any real policy reality.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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