Trudeau’s Approval Rating Worsens, Yet Liberals Maintain Narrow Lead

A slight majority disapprove of the PM according to latest Angus Reid poll.

With most Canadians seeing the vaccine rollout as a failure, Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has turned negative once again.

The latest Angus Reid poll shows Trudeau’s net approval rating is -7, with 45% of Canadians approving of him while 52% disapprove.

Compared the January 2021 Angus Reid poll, Trudeau’s approval rating his down 5 points, while his disapproval rating is up 4 points.

Since taking office, Trudeau has grown less and less popular ever year, until the Wuhan Virus hit.

Trudeau’s numbers have turned around since the first Quarter of 2019, with those who ‘strongly disapprove’ of him declining from 47% to 33%, while those who ‘moderately approve’ rising from 23% to 36%.

However, Trudeau’s recovery in public opinion appears to be stagnating and starting to revert to the previous trend.

Liberals maintain lead

Despite Trudeau’s lower approval, the Conservatives are not showing the ability to take advantage.

Angus Reid shows the Liberals with 34% support among Canadians, a narrow lead over the Conservatives at 31%.

The NDP is at 20%, while the Bloc and Greens are at 7% and 5% respectively.

4% of Canadians say they will vote for ‘another party/independent’.

Since January, the Liberals are down 1 point nationally, while the Conservatives are up 1 point, both changes well-within the margin-of-error.

The Conservatives are struggling in the key battleground of Ontario, with the Liberals leading by 11 points.

The CPC holds a narrow lead in BC (3 points), and dominates in Alberta and Saskatchewan, while leading by 14 in Manitoba.

The Liberals and Bloc are in a narrow fight in Quebec, with the Liberals at 32% and the Bloc at 29%. The Conservatives are well back at 18%, closer to the NDP at 15% than they are to the Liberals.

And in Atlantic Canada, the Liberals lead by 14 points.

So, while Trudeau may not be that popular, the Conservatives aren’t benefitting. In an upcoming post, I’ll share more details on why that is the case.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube