Trudeau Is Copying The Biden Administration On Everything Except Acknowledging China’s Genocide Of The Uyghurs. Why Is That?

The questions simply won’t go away when the behaviour of the Prime Minister remains so odd and so out of step with Canadian public opinion.

It has become clear that Justin Trudeau wants to copy basically everything the Biden Administration plans to do.

On climate change, economic policy (“building back better”), immigration, and more, Trudeau is seeking to bring Canada into alignment with the new US administration.

This is because Biden & Trudeau represent somewhat similar positions on the political spectrum, and because Biden (like most Democratic Party politicians) is quite popular in Canada, particularly in contrast to Donald Trump.

Yet, there is one area where Trudeau is unwilling to copy the Biden Administration, and I can bet you’ve already guessed what it is.

That’s right, it’s China.

The Biden Administration has changed the rhetoric, but actually kept most of former US President Donald Trump’s policies towards China.

In particular, they have kept restrictions on Huawei in place, and have reiterated that China is committing genocide in Xinjiang:

This is why Trudeau’s actions remain so concerning to Canadians.

The one exception he makes on ‘harmonizing’ Canadian & US policy just so happens to be his refusal to acknowledge the reality of what China has become under the current leadership of the CCP.

For this reason, and many others, questions about why Trudeau is so weak on China will continue to be asked, and will raise even more concerns among Canadians as this disturbing pattern endures.

Spencer Fernando


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