WATCH: Biden Administration Says China’s Actions In Xinjiang Are A Genocide

Trudeau becomes further isolated in North America in his refusal to acknowledge this.

In their final days in power, the Trump Administration declared that China’s actions against the Uyghurs represent a genocide.

Now, the Biden Administration has made clear that they view the situation the same way:

“.@StateDeptSpox Price: On genocide, we have been very clear that Secretary Blinken has determined that what has taken place in Xinjiang was genocide. We’ve also been very clear that it constitutes crimes against humanity.”

This brings the Canadian Parliament and the Biden Administration into alignment on China.

Justin Trudeau however remains unwilling to take a stand.

He thus becomes further isolated in his refusal – and the refusal of the Trudeau cabinet – to call out China’s actions as genocide, and this will raise even more questions about why Justin Trudeau remains so out of step with what Canada’s elected representatives and closest ally thinks about China.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter