Hypocrisy: Catherine McKenna Claims She’ll “Stand Against Islamophobia” After Skipping Vote On China’s Genocide Of The Uyghurs

Words are easy, actions are hard.

If there’s one thing you probably shouldn’t do, it would be to claim you stand against Islamophobia a few days after literally failing to take a stand against the worst Islamophobic action taking place in the world today.

China is literally trying to wipe out the Uyghur Muslim minority in Xinjiang, and Catherine McKenna was one of the MPs who chose to completely abstain from the vote.

She couldn’t even be bothered to show up, or even vote virtually.

When it came down to actually showing courage and making words into reality, McKenna failed.

And yet, she is acting like that never happened.

Here’s what she recently Tweeted:

“This is appalling. It is unacceptable that we continue to hear about attacks targeting Muslim women. We will stand against Islamophobia, discrimination and hatred of all kinds.”

Note how McKenna talks about “attacks targeting Muslim women.”

The biggest attacks targeting Muslim women are China’s forced sterilization and mass rape of Uyghur women, something taking place at this very moment.

McKenna chose not to denounce that, and to not even show up to vote on it.

This is a truly clarifying moment.

For a long time, we have suspected that politicians like McKenna were just spreading BS when they claimed to defend different groups, and were doing it just for votes.

Now, we know that is exactly what has happened.

It was all words.

It was all for nothing.

It was all meaningless.

When it came time to make those words real, McKenna and the Trudeau cabinet abandoned those they claimed to support.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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